Can we change the key systems in our military and government? Or should we accept their current structure?

What do you think? Discuss in the comments below!

Stuart Scheller


  1. Constitutional Repentance is the root solution to what’s gone awry in our government and military. This is discussed in this Constitution Day message (excerpt below):

    “There is good news in this scenario, and there is bad news. The good news is that the Constitution has teeth. The People have power in our Republic, but in the absence of understanding, the knowledge of this power has been hidden. The good news is that there are still more of us who love Liberty than those who want to subjugate the people. And the really good news is that there is a palpable fear, among those who are exercising unrighteous dominion by the force of government, truly fear that you… and I… will get it. That we will unite and refuse to accept that a free people can or must be divided AND, that we might reject our national sins and comprehend this counsel from Benjamin Franklin…”

    1. Yes sir we need a solution to stop this world bankers and super rich corporations on selling us out. We need stuff made in the USA from foods and materials. Instead of having things made in China Taiwan India Indonesia, or when it comes to food like tomatoes avocados Peru Mexico Dominican Republic ect. We need the industrial revolution back in the 🇺🇸. Thank you for your service Lt Col. GOD bless you in Jesus Christ name aka Yeshua Hamashiak.

    2. Jan MitchellApril 13, 2022

      Very well said. We can change what is tearing up our country but it takes more than words, it takes direct and planned action. More young men and women are taking a stand, running for office but we need more. This administration in whole is weakening our foundation.

    3. I believe the real issue is the people pulling the strings. Men like Ronald Klein, top White House Advisor and when you start digging you find there all Jewish people with a plan to tear this country apart. They are dividing us everyday, using media to push a narrative that is designed to pit us against our selves. Just follow the stories, rather it’s white cop on black or it’s straight person against guys, or schools trying to let are children change their sexual orientation, or Men pretending to be girls competing in sports. This is all just garbage to rot the US from the inside out! We need stand up and take back this Country and fight for the truth.

  2. I think if we just upheld the laws that are in place the system would be great. The issue we have is that MOST people are held to one standard, but the elite are held to another. Illegal immigration is LAWFULLY just that illegal, yet those laws are not upheld, instead it is encouraged to break our immigration laws. Generals (including those that are retired) are not supposed to speak against the President, yet we have one that called his Chinese counterpart and explained that he would warn of any attack.

    Very simply put, if we just upheld what is written our system would be amazing. But until we stop operating on emotion and feelings NO FORM OF GOVERNMENT will work.

    1. Lorraine D PatriaJanuary 14, 2022

      We need some term limits.
      Without limits, we are creating long term self indulgence within the offices that make decisions for the American people.
      Based on what is best for the people that hold those offices. Not, what is best for the citizens of the country.

    2. Senator Cruz actually proposed it, but it went no where. Term limits is an uphill battle, but if we keep talking about it I think it will gain momentum.

    3. People respond to emotion over rational thought. Reference President Obama’s appeal. Fighting this truth won’t get you anywhere. I think the secret is to use rational thought, and present it with an emotional connection.

    4. I agree Sir that ppl react to emotion over rational thought. There is no argument here. However, what I will say to that is a huge portion of MSM, and academia use emotion to push false narratives… i.e. Russia Collusion that brought us years of investigations, bringing the federal government to a crawl.

      I tend to believe that the majority did not believe this narrative, but a very large number (the loudest ppl) did.

      How do you clean this up? Do you use methods Lincoln used prior to the Civil War?

      All I’m saying here is when you legislate, teach, or give information through emotion it tends to be a slippery slope.

      You point out Obama which is an amazing example. He definitely used emotion to push some things over the finish line, like Obamacare, which in my opinion is one of the biggest disasters in American history

    5. Steve MclaughlinApril 15, 2022

      For the layman, the citizen, the lower tier on the ladder, it is very simple, why? Because we are held responsible, for much less infractions..i have to listen and obey, my boss, the owner most of all, our INSURANCE COMPANY that sets the bounds..but i do not have to respect him, or her, when they are not held responsible. For now, that is going on in america, in far too many organizations and companies..and it is slowly destroying our country and becoming a part of our culture where money and status supercede laws and rules… will lead eventually to a war inside my time i believe this is the ultimate goal for the new world elites..a captain i served under gave me this warning as it came to the power of my rank and posistion: ” remember, even a rat. That is a tiny rodent, when cornered, even by a bigger more powerful species, given no way to escape, will fight back” the current culture of american leaders has never considered this fact..

  3. Keeping the Status-que is never a good thing, Here is my take on this. As of right now there is no truth to any legislation of laws, they have used language as a tool to trick the people of the world, into a legal system that has no truth in it. Leaves open to interpretation, and is used my lawyers and judges to work against the people. First there needs to be complete transparency to the people of the US. DC for to long has been using the Tax payers money to fund, and deceive the US people. Why is it that the Tax payer money is used to fund some very corruption, and money laundering schemes cooked up by people in our government. I think the government funding needs to be monitored and 100 percent transparent on how this money is being used. I believe that for to long, career politicians have used their position for financial gains. I believe that lobbing needs to be stopped, any politician who takes money from lobbyist have a biased out look on legalization, and any politician need to have their financial completely open to the public. How can you take money from a corporation, and then push legislation that will help that corporation. Conflict of interest have for to long been allowed to happen with no recourse.
    1. No more tax payer bail outs. EO 13772 stated this but was revoked by the Biden administration.
    2. Elections need to be on blockchain system, were a Identification card is required to be used.
    3. The corruption and money laundering through governmental contractors needs to be stopped.
    4. Return to Constitutional law.
    5. MSM needs to report the truth, and stop trying to push their political partners narratives.
    6. Truth and Honest need to be our foundation.

    1. James or Stuart, could you explain what “elections should be on the blockchain” means or looks like? Thanks.

    2. @Kelly A voting system based on a blockchain application, which is unable to be manipulated, Each registered voter would have a spot on the chain, protected by a consensus mechanism. This could be tied to your drivers licenses/Voter ID, which each have a unique identification number. This would be a immutable way to do elections, they could even build a app, to do this.

    3. @Stuart Scheller I have reached out to you regarding some information I would like to be confirmed. Did a Russell Gould contact you? I am trying to confirm the legitimacy of this claims. and of course it is hard to do with so much Mis information that is being sent out on the Net. I would like to speak to you regarding this issue. I fully support you position you took, it is something I would do. I have also thought about running for office in my home state, but am fearful of the power in this state, and do not want to put my family at risk, without putting some safe guards in place. I would like to speak to you regarding this information. I can be reached by Email, and have even messaged you on FB.

    4. Most of what you said would be good things. Never going to happen until people start to know who we are. The elites and profligates have taken over education and dumbed down America. Americans have been made the enemy of government thru the Trading with the Enemy act. The Emergency War Powers Act is used against the people and must be rescinded. Proper article 3 Constitutional law courts must be the only courts. Until we change these things and get back to a reliable, provable election system nothing will change.

  4. John E. DixonJanuary 13, 2022

    The pulse of the Country should reflect the pulse of the military and visa-versa. All the US armed services are manned by honorable Americans. What is very problematic in every service is where do the loyalties of the leadership of each branch lie?

    Based upon what is currently going on in our military, it is clear that the “appointed” leaders are rubber stamps for the TOXIC, WOKE, marxists running the administration. The top brass of the military branches should be less concerned with wokeness and more concerned with defending our country. Above all, they should be backing their people.

    The true “domestic terror” concern for our country is the nexus of leftists running loose in our administration. Anyone who does not believe the America IS the shining light on the hill in this world should not be running our military.

    There are people in this world who hate America and they should be called out…even if they are high ranking officers.

    Purge the wokeness, political correctness, and the “America is bad attitude from the military. These toxic, marxist (CRT based) ideals have NO place in our military.

    As an ex-service member myself, I STAND WITH Lt. Colonel STUART SCHELLER!

    1. John this is a good post. I’ve really been thinking about the “Wokeness” moniker. I think when people say this they are explaining that the current Generals reflect the ideals of politicians that may not be in congruence with the best interest of the military. But this is something that happens quickly. It happens over time through the promotion of military officers that reflect the ideals of current political initiatives. People can vote politicians out of office, but they can’t vote Generals out of office. I think the only way to make changes in the military is to start holding those Generals accountable.

    2. John or Stuart, who has the authority to hold military leaders accountable and why aren’t they doing it?

    3. The Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch. The Secretary of Defense. The other military Generals.

      When all that fails… remember the Declaration of Independence… the power of the government (which includes the military) comes from the people. When the government no longer serves the interests of the people, it is the people’s obligation to throw off that old form of government.

    4. David A DesiderioJanuary 20, 2022

      Honorable Officers, especially General Officers hold themselves accountable.

      Fresh out of those it seems.

    5. Brian StermerJanuary 21, 2022

      I am of the vision that the government was set up as decentralized power. This should also be true for the military. I can’t remember who but a German general during WW2 compliments American leadership by saying the leaders on the ground were given the liberty and trust to make the best decisions to win the fight.
      I parallel this compliment that when you delegate the powers to make decisions down to the lowest level it is a reflection of how the government is supposed to operate as well as a successful military.

    6. Decentralized power is a tenant of American military operations. However, it is discussed much more than applied. The critical question of where you decentralize power is easier said than done. Technology inherently makes higher ranking officials more involved in lower level decisions.

  5. Todd WhitehurstJanuary 14, 2022

    Watching your Jocko podcast right now. I saw your shirt with the 13 (colonies?) On it. I want to be a part of a connected movement of truth in America. My foundation is Jesus and His truth. I will fight for Liberty for all.

  6. Eric SchmidtJanuary 15, 2022


    To take it a step further, should we maintain our United States or are the divisions too great, are the differences and beliefs so unreconcilable, that dissolving the union is the only way to avoid calamity? The confederate army never planted their flag inside our capital during the civil war. If they had what would it have meant? And a year ago, those who still think that confederate flag means something DID bring that symbol into our capital. So what does that mean? What do they want? Because it seems to me that what they want is not what many others want. And if the different camps cannot agree on what they believe to be true, to be right, to be moral, if they can’t agree on how to live their lives and conduct themselves then they should establish separate autonomies. We could discuss this issue until the cows come home…
    But back to your original question- I agree with Michael above that if we upheld the laws in place it would provide a good foundation. But “our” elected reps just draft new laws continually, and the laws that do the most damage are the laws that are written TO PROTECT THE LAWMAKERS from consequence and provide them with even more loopholes to cheat the system you speak of. These laws further the divide between those with money and those without. Our society will disintegrate if we don’t change this system.

    1. Eric… go to my FB or LI and look back at an older post titled #86. I address exactly what you describe in your first paragraph in terms of the dangers of seeking change without first coming to a consensus on what change looks like. Great point.

      Will our society disintegrate if we don’t change the system? Or will our freedoms just disintegrate?

    2. We don’t need to get rid of the Constitution or change what it says. We need to get rid of those that defile it. The Republic is not the swamp. Most of those running it are swamp creatures though. We need fair verifiable elections for change. The people are not this dumb, the system has become corrupt because of the integrity of the bureaucrats running it. I have been preaching about this since the mid seventies. All you get is derided. Conspiracy theorist, militia man, nut case, domestic terrorist, white nationalist to name a few. The corporations, government and bureaucrats are working hand in hand to keep us divided. Doing a good job of it.

    3. You really worried about one idiot with a flag? That meant nothing except to trigger the ignorant. They did the same thing in Canada. Don’t get side tracked with tactics.

  7. Steve BeyerJanuary 15, 2022

    I believe we cannot allow the system we have at hand to carry on any longer. But the leaders who have consolidated power will continue to use their influence to dissuade dissent and change through malicious means. They have no desire to give up control and face the consequences of their actions because they care more about self preservation and personal gain then integrity. I find that the mainstream media (not any specific side) has an interest in making sure that Americans stay divided so the Status Quo may persist. We have to put our best foot forward and reach out to others of differing political backgrounds and find common ground to create a united voice because the alternative is a hollowed out nation that died from within because of the greed and hubris of a powerful unaccountable few.

    I watched the podcast you did with jocko and it was outstanding. I enjoyed the first half getting to hear your story and what lead up to your final moments in the Marine Corps. But the second half put a tightness in my chest because it just invoked so many memories of CLB 8 and its toxic leadership for me. I can say from my experience your actions have touched so many Marines who just got broke off because of unaccountable leadership that gets to act with impunity while everyone else who is not in the club gets to rot. My experiences with that make me want to fight this system with every fiber of my being but as a Populist I just don’t know where to start. Thank you for your message and not pulling back even when it felt like the whole world told you to do so.

    1. Thanks for this post Steve. I have felt the tightness in my chest too. In the end… there is more of us than there are of them. All we have to do is open our eyes.

    2. All systems fail when people without honor operate them. Christ warned us of them. Kenites the decendents of Cain. You either know and believe in God’s word or you don’t. It is really that simple.

  8. Sure, it CAN and should change. But, realistically it is not going to change. Things will continue the way they are and we’ll likely keep promoting glorified secretaries for generals rather than those with combat experience and rapport with the trenches. We might just have to find out the hard way.

  9. David WhiteJanuary 17, 2022

    Loraine has it right. The only true way to get back to fundamental values and get the money out of the system is term limits. Sadly, it may be too late since the roots in the swamp run so deeply.

  10. Scott GeigerJanuary 18, 2022

    I believe that learning, adapting is the only way. Settling is just as dangerous as complacency.
    One of my instructors once told me, “As it is in life, it is in martial arts.”
    Right now everyone is focused on the political frontal assault. It’s time to flank these political hustlers.
    Changing the political environment is going to be hard. Voting your power away is not a going to happen in Congress.
    The Constitution gave us our flanking maneuver so to speak, called the Convention of States. I believe this is our best political path to enact the government reforms we need to get real leaders in office and take away political effluence of the big money media platforms and lobbyists.
    The key is to show moderates on both sides how it can work for everyone or at least 80% of Americans.
    I could live with that.

    1. You really trust the people that would go to that convention?

  11. Anything can be changed but it would take generational changes to fix the underlying issues surrounding the Military. The Military is an extension of Politics, the primary factors surrounding the failure dating back to Vietnam is primarily placed on the Operational & Strategic Plans. Both Afghanistan & Iraq placed operational strategies such as nation building on Military Senior leaders are not equipped or have the experience to facilitate such a mission. The strategy of exporting democracy or Nation Building often seemed more like a ponzi scheme filled with mass corruption. Senior Leaders are often torn between calling out the truth and being relived for failure to execute the mission or maintaining the status quo. I’ve seen way too many senior officers water down the actual corruption and incompetence within the Iraqi/Afghan Armies to ensure they gave the appearance of the mission being successful and on track. For instance how did Biden not know the number of Ghost Soldiers with the Afghan Army? This was basic knowledge on the ground, was the story filtered at each level, or was he just being dishonest (Maybe a little a both)?

    The Operational and Strategic objective also seemed to change every deployment cycle. A leaders success was merely measured by their success during their cycle.

    Unless we can get back to the basics of only fighting wars in a more of a Clausowitz style and enable leaders to speak the truth it will not change. This ultimately is a multi-generational change.

    “A winning strategy requires a disciplined mind and a steadfast character. No distractions; no sideshows. We must always keep the main thing the main thing”.

    1. It is really simple. If you are not willing to kill every living thing in your way, it is not worth going to war for. Find another way. War is the last, end all resort.

  12. Jerry GibbsJanuary 19, 2022

    “Censorship of dissident voices is gaining legal ground – and none of us are safe. Once the State, with the help of the institutions and media, starts labeling certain dissident voices and opinions that are critical of the State as ‘a threat to the State’, that that will give them the legal foundation or prerogative to take legal action to silence these dissidents – or worse.” from RESIST MUCH , OBEY LITTLE by Eva Vlaardingerbroek on

    1. Jerry GibbsJanuary 21, 2022

      Might be our last hope. Secure the Border in Ukraine but our own borders ? Makes no sense to me.

    1. You would be better served reading some Lysander Spooner first. Learn who we really are. My first selection would be the Companion Bible and a Strong’s original Concordance.

  13. Over my career I have had the opportunity to work alongside a few BrigGens as well as Colonels on their way to becoming Generals. A few of those are now 2 and 3 stars. More times than not, they were basically politicians with their head in the clouds, filling squares towards their next promotion. However I worked with three that actually gave a shit about people and the mission over politics. Two of those are 3 stars and one of those is a 2 star, so there are a few in the ranks. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve been in a similar position before in history between WWI and the beginning of WWII. The interwar period was a time when many officers were careerist only thinking about how to get promoted and those who were not kool aid drinkers were held back. Then when the shit hit the fan those careerists list battles and were replaced in some cases by the ones who bucked the system and gave a shit about the mission. I’m sure those of you who are much better students of history can either confirm or deny this and even give specific examples. So it is possible although not ideal that we could find ourselves in a similar situation if a war with a near peer breaks out…these kool aid drinkers currently in power will fail miserably and hopefully we will have a commander in chief with the guys to do what FDR did promote those few that give a shit about mission success and accountability. Lastly if that happens in the near future I’m sure they’ll be calling for the Stu Schellers if the world to save their ass!

    1. Chris there is a big difference in the Generals from the intra war period you described and current day. For starters, the current National Security Establishment as we recognize it now wasn’t even created until post WWII. This system is drastic need of reform. The last change made was the Goldwater Nichols Act in the 80s. We need to reform the system.

    2. Butler, Puller, Ripley, Schuyler to name a few. Real Marines did and will follow these men to hell because we knew they cared about more then careers.

  14. When executing a con op, when you encounter friction that renders a plan untenable, you flex off the plan while still pursing meeting intent and end state. We don’t continue pushing against surfaces and assume at some point it will change. Changes need to be made, badly. Career politicians who stopped caring about their actual role in the system and flag officers that lost their way and find themselves assuming more political postures are problematic. Term limits are one thing, but we need to find elected officials who won’t lose visibility on their true cause. At this point, I’m game for any attempted improvement because where were at now isn’t working.

  15. Dona DeFranciscoJanuary 23, 2022

    Mr. Scheller
    I just viewed the episode Full Measure did on you and found it quite moving. I share your concerns and applaud your courage for speaking out on our awful W/D from Afghanistan. I came here to learn more about you and your action plans for a possible political future. Interesting material attempting to be non partisan. It’s easy to blame the Democrats isn’t it Mr. Schuller? Easy to blame Obama Biden Clinton Pelosi but give McConnell, Cruz, Scalise, McCarthy a couple more swings at the plate. Where do you stand on voting rights? Renewable energy? Climate change? Thoughts on January 6 2021? I am fully prepared for the critical pushback I will get from these comments. I ‘m a brave stout proud American.

    1. Dona… I think people should have to show identification to vote. I think climate change is a real thing, but I think the solutions provided by the government are not helpful. I think the people still in pre trial jail for January 6th should have charges brought against them so they can get a fair trial.

    2. Yeah it’s easy to blame the people that actually are POS. I’m guessing you are coming at this from a more progressive style?

  16. Joseph HorneJanuary 25, 2022

    Lt.Col. Scheller,
    I refer to you by your former rank and title because I feel that you definitely have earned it (and then some). I am a retired Intelligence Analyst and I agree with you that we definitely need to change certain key systems within the Department of Defense (DOD).
    In my view, any organization that ignores real world operational complaints from its own senior leaders is revealing to the world that systemic problems exist.
    First, I think that the US military needs to update the posse comitatus law. The reason I say this is because anyone who has been paying attention to the world stage and current events in the United States can see that our enemies are internal. I do agree that the military should not be used as a “police force” within the US mainland, but what is to be done when the FBI is not doing its job? The last time I checked, the Oath I took doesn`t have an expiration date on it. Communism is gaining a strong foothold in the US and I do not like where our national security is heading. Constitutional freedoms are being eroded at a very alarming rate. If you look at the 45 goals of communism, they do not want any loyalty oaths at all. But we have a 2-party system for a reason. No one in the Pentagon will admit that we have real internal enemies because that will take the jurisdiction of the problem away from the military. The Generals will not allow that to happen!
    Before I joined the US Navy, I was in the Army National Guard as a CBRNE NCO. I went through a live nerve agent training and I am forgetting more about MOPP Gear and Gas Masks than most doctors will ever know. If it were up to me, I would quickly re-fund and re-build the strongest ever US Army Chemical Corps Regiment. I feel strongly that the Coronavirus is a deliberate biological attack and I am certainly not the only one who thinks so. People like Dr. Fauci will never admit that the precepts of the Biological Weapons Convention have been violated. Why isn`t the Coronavirus Pandemic being treated like a “Crime against Humanity”?
    Like you, I tended to speak my mind about things I observed when I was on active duty (probably why I didn`t get past E-6). Most of what I did was classified, so I would not be able to go as far as you did without knowingly ending up in Leavenworth. But I really respect that you were willing to throw your rank on the table. Keep fighting the good fight, I have your back.

    Very Respectfully,
    Joseph Horne
    US Navy Retired

  17. Great conversation. I think for future generations we need to get back to what America was founded on, which are individual liberties and state rights.

    The federal government has turned into this enormous beast that indirectly or directly influences states and individual rights. Shrinking the government to its core purpose would be ideal. Reversing key components that have gone too far is needed. Remove the patriot act, no longer allow business entities to be classified as persons. Bolster state rights, which protect individual rights. Reduce America’s influence over the world, get back to trading partners and leading by example, too much meddling in other countries affairs.

    The corporations need to be reduced in size. There are plenty of monopolies operating that would be good to break up. Decentralize power.

    The America I grew up knowing is much different than the America socialist country that kids are growing up in now, which makes the attempt an uphill battle.

    I think it is possible and our generations will be able to make large impact, a steady hand and laser focus will be needed. What stands to create the greatest impact is conversations on boards such as this and conversations with people we know. That is how the tide turns, slowly and with the people.

    The center of political parties should know that both sides operate as a uniparty, getting people in that want to shrink government will be difficult, but that is the way to work within the system to bring us back to something that resembles a Constitutional Republic of the people, by the people, and for the (individual liberties of the) people.

    1. Good luck with those thoughts. You do realize that fifty percent of the people are on some type of government dole?

  18. Just wondering if anyone here would choose to amend their stance to acknowledge what I’ve been saying about strikes. Eh? Maybe Dr. King and Gandhi were right, and you were wrong?

    Wake up, change who you are, humble yourself, and realize that it is a GIFT to be able to buy packaged, processed food from a supermarket refrigerator. It is not OWED to you.

    h ttps://

    Now, if you disagree, then start driving a truck and building a farm. I’ve said that this day was coming. There will be successes and failures and a whole lot of nasty lies and propaganda from the MSM and government, but it won’t change the overall outcome. Quit worrying about voting moar harder. At the end of the day it won’t change anything and it won’t put food on the table.

    We’re about to find out who needs whom in North America.

    1. General strikes can do alot to sway various actors, but ultimately, if the target is willing to go far enough in terms of uof, they dont mean shit.

      Historically the only 100% reliable means of conquering a foe, is to actually conquer them. With military force.

    2. Come out from them is the command. One either believes and knows the word or they don’t.

  19. This is an excellent question. First, I would love to see the effects of a national awakening about how much we lag behind China. Second, I think there is an opportunity to use contractors to improve the system. While contracted by the government, the private sector can move and adapt faster. This is an advantage of living in a free market – we can push to innovate beyond the bounds of bureaucracy. Unfortunately, contractors can be lazy. Foreign adversaries have tried to use our contractors to their advantage (ex: how Russia tampered with issued ear plugs and now service members are deaf). I think there is an opportunity to make fast change by leveraging the role contractors play in the system.

    1. Marilyn, thank you for contribution. To respectfully push back, I have witnessed many contractors and civilian government employees working within the military that in many ways are ineffective. There is a time for external support. But then there are other times that external support can become burdensome to the very thing it is trying to support. Also, we lag behind China in purchasing power, but our economy in terms of GDP is still stronger. I also believe our military is stronger. While China is closing the gap, I don’t believe we are lagging.

  20. Jerry GibbsFebruary 1, 2022

    “DISLOYAL” (how the Military Brass is Betraying our Country) by Daniel Greenfield has a PDF file on frontpagemag,com. 76 pages . Good Read

  21. David StoweFebruary 2, 2022

    Lt.Col. Scheller gained my interest right away in his first appearance on Tucker, inspiring patriotism across the country through display of courage to speak out about what we all (or many of us) observed to be impacting the strength of our military in an important way. Eager to learn more, I learned of this website and it is wonderful to see open intelligent discussions about interesting topics in a forum that is open and welcome to debate on a wide range of ideas. This is refreshing because it seems like the type of environment I enjoyed growing up with.

    John B. makes an excellent point about returning to the fundamentals of the constitution this nation was built upon. The founding fathers had great wisdom and knew a lot about the dangers of corruption and abuse of power in government, which is exactly what they were rebelling against. I believe the constitution was created with establishing a federal government with a very limited role, minimal power and authority, with the main purposes of protecting human rights equal to all citizens, protecting the nation’s borders from invasion, preventing corporations from accumulating too much power and forming monopolies, and providing for a military during times of war. I believe that by nature, many politicians seek for the acquisition of power. When corruption and abuse of power do occur, punishments that are clearly stated through just laws need to be enforced in a consistent manner and applied equally to all citizens regardless of race, income, religion, etc…

    1. Dave, first, thanks for you support. Second, I have read all the federalists papers (understood some of it) and I agree with your assessment on the founding fathers vision for limited government. However, the founding fathers never envisioned a foreign diplomacy arm as strong as the one the United States created after the World Wars. Specifically, the founding fathers envisioned a military for domestic defense. Our military is not the police of world order and democracy across the globe. Our founding documents don’t address this at all… hence the lack of check and balances.

    2. Thanks Dave. So Stu, do agree that we need to reduce the size of the military and get back to the position of defense force and quick drumming attacks when provoked, similar to Isreal operates (minus mandatory sign up for citizens). Seems like there is alot of waste (aka people making bank off cluster scenarios) and the larger it is the more that occurs? Same with corps.

      Seems like 10 to 20% are seeing the purpose and operating.

      40 to 80% go along to get theirs but don’t have values or strong opinions (not a fault, just human nature)

      Then 1 to 5% running shady deals making bank and throwing enough interference/ greasing wheels, that it ensures the process will continue.

      Idk, my guess as a layman. See it in the corporate world too.

      I do agree with another poster that we do have it good. Much of the nation should look inward towards improvement before trying to change others, a big lesson for me the past two years. Working out, changing small things about me, changes how I interact and speak with people. A deeper focus on self reliance instead of community reliance (which is what humans do and must do).

      Either way preserving individual liberties and state rights is the only way to preserve the system which was generated.

      Just because a system grew so big, doesn’t mean it should continue to operate in that fashion.

      Worst words of the last 15 years – “To big to fail”

      I think America still has an amazingly strong backbone and surprisingly many immigrants like my grandparents and great grandparents (and current immigrants), buy into what America is about individual liberties that contain inherited responsibilities to preserve that and assist free people.

      The change will come with the swell of the peoples opinion, I hope the old glory isn’t tarnished too much by bureaucrats for people to understand the underlying meaning of what America was and is. In the words of Johnny Cash, “We are mighty proud of that ragged old flag”.

      Best of luck and strategy Dave, Stu, and fellow self proclaimed Authentic Americans!

  22. Brian CokerFebruary 3, 2022

    Thanks for posing the question and for what you are doing – I very much agree that we need to start with our shared values and then look at what systems are in place that are preventing the expression of those values in our politics. To me, the biggest problem is the two party system and the way that they have consolidated power over time. The founders never intended an explicit two party system, and George Washington warned us against it. “Party over country” has been growing for decades and has never been worse than it is now, in my opinion.

    I’m curious if you have heard/are involved with some of the movements to address the systemic problems. I’m a big fan of the ‘final five’ voting system and am working to get it implemented in Wisconsin, and Veterans for Political Innovation is a new group also trying to push for some common sense solutions to reclaim democracy. I like final five because it changes the incentives for politicians and actually makes it easier for them to buck party leadership and listen to constituents, and doesn’t demonize them for daring to talk with the ‘other side’ and make common sense compromises.

    1. Brian, the polarization of the extremes in the two party system is what sells in the media. But I don’t think we are as extreme as people want to believe. I do however acknowledge that the polarization is one of the greatest threats facing our democracy. I’m not familiar with the final five. I could look it up, but can you elaborate so we can all learn from your perspective?

  23. Look, it’s really simple. When you gain power, you help your friends and you hurt your enemies. Circle-jerking about how the Founding Fathers intended the United States to be governed won’t help you when every single lever of power is controlled by people who hate us.

    Debate about process and policy is a fruit borne of a functional, orderly society, which is what we DON’T have. If the best idea has to “win” before it’s implemented, we’ll never fix anything because our enemies aren’t playing by those rules.

    Less talk of Federalist Papers, more taking action. Go to townhalls, school board meetings, public appearances of anyone that holds power and make your voice heard PEACEFULLY. Make your voice the loudest in the room. You see Canada lately? Honk honk! That’s all I’ll say.

    1. Strong comment Ian. I agree with your sentiment on action. I have tried to live my life like that. But it also requires education. I think there is a balance.

    2. People try that. People get arrested and carried out by the same people who take oaths to protect them. There lies a problem, the problem of integrity. People without integrity will always obey their bureaucratic masters because they are ignorant and afraid.

    3. The big systems can definitely turn our patriotism against us. So how do you fight against it if the power resides with the people? I think we need to find our voice.

  24. @Senor frog:

    “General strikes can do alot to sway various actors, but ultimately, if the target is willing to go far enough in terms of uof, they dont mean shit.

    Historically the only 100% reliable means of conquering a foe, is to actually conquer them. With military force.”

    Good luck with that. Like I said, there will be successes and failures. But I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in any military at the end of empire. They’ve done used up most of the remaining good will let alone revenue at that point, historically speaking.

    We have 10 years at best. Strikes wear down the morale and will of everyone in power. They’ll do something stupid and may even accelerate my timeline Bank on it.

  25. Ever since Benghazi happened I find myself so disappointed with those running this country along with all the other alphabet departments who promise to find truth, I haven’t heard anything that I can believe in, in years from these people on the hill or in the White House. When Afghanistan happened my heart broke all over again. We need change…I’m not sure what that looks like or how to do it but I’m in. Time to make some changes. Vote people who want to serve America not Corporations, vote people in who are willing to stand up for America, I mean really stand up like you Stu. I could go on and on. #westandwithstu. #2024 Thank you.

    1. Thanks Lorie. Benghazi is where I started to get really frustrated too. Everyone points at Secretary Clinton and President Obama. And they deserve a lot of criticism. But what about the AFRICOM Combatant Commander who… like McKenzie… just followed orders and let those Americans die. Crazy.

  26. Saw two stories this week that, for me, raised the classic question – does life imitate art or does art imitate life? First story was from the satirical publication Duffel Blog with the headline “Bored US Navy considering starting some shit with dolphins.” Second was an editorial from the Wall Street Journal with the headline “The Pentagon’s Political Priorities,” covering the U.S. Army’s plan to fight… wait for it… “the invisible enemy of climate change.” One joke article about the Navy fighting a made-up enemy, and one real article about the Army fighting a made-up enemy. So perhaps the military needs to get back to the basics about why the military exists. Hint – it’s not about climate change. Climate change did not detonate a suicide vest outside the airport in Kabul. Climate change did not fly planes into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. Climate change did not test out a hypersonic nuclear missile this past year. Someone needs to remind the Pentagon that America is not looking for a few good climate warriors….

    1. I agree.

      One of the best things that Rush ever said was that the Military existed to ‘Kill people and Break things.’

  27. Joseph HernandezFebruary 15, 2022

    Can we? No.
    Not as long as generations of people fight other generations.
    “Woke” is a term that right wing Gen Xers won’t even consider. CRT is another that have tons of opinions, but never read about it.
    2nd Amendment is one that liberals won’t consider….the list is huge.
    But this bleeds over to the military and government. “Back in my day we didn’t have it as easy” or “those old people refuse to learn how a computer works”
    There’s generational fighting that distracts us from ever being able to change the important shit, cause we are distracted by the stupid shit.

    So as long as you’re not open minded enough to look at what scares you, we will stay in this bullshit stalemate.

    1. Well said.

      We need to focus on the things that we have in common and help each other where skills are lacking.

  28. Of course the systems can and will be changed. They have changed and will change again. They are plainly
    failing and need change now. There is no need to be pessimistic, for with a clear plan and the will to
    patiently pursue it, change can be achieved. I think what we are lacking at the moment is clarity and will.

  29. Andrew D.March 3, 2022

    Army General Schwarzkopf when he was a young Officer found chronic problems with military leadership, alcohol and drug problems and problems with executive branch dictating strategy. Schwarzkopf stayed in the army and was able to make changes as he was promoted and as a General successfully lead a volunteer force during Desert Shield/Storm.
    I was a Lance Corporal radio operator with 3/11 headquarters battery (29 Palms) Task Force Ripper Desert Shield/Storm when Commandant General Gray along with Sgt Major flew out to visit and when a Marine complained about the water and lack of liberty. General Gray drank some water out of a Marine’s canteen thrown to him from the crowd. General Gray then stated ” you will drink the water and I am your entertainment.” General Gray was tough, I could not imagine what working on his staff was like.

    Thanks for your service and the personal sacrifices you made.

    1. And how many good men died for what in that whole fiasco?

  30. Kathleen SMarch 8, 2022

    Branching into something probably unrelated but as a Gold Star Spouse whose husband passed away in an aviation accident in 2020 that could have been prevented, I fully believe we should not just let the military regulations be. The findings of that accident were quick to say that the flight should never have happened. Civilian flights would never have taken off the ground with the kind of problems. (This was just a water delivery mission). We need them to better hold theirselves and maintenance procedures accountable. Develop more checks and balances rather than just making these soldiers attend a few courses and telling them don’t do this. Randomly audit their asses like we get audited in the civilian world. For years, “accidents” have been happening when common sense tells you how to prevent them. I come from a military family and I’ve heard the same stories from my grandpas time that I’m experiencing with my husbands death. Not enough checks and balances in the army.

    1. So sorry for your loss . It’s never easy I’m sure but so compounded when you know it was easily preventable.. My brother was doing a pre MEU work up .. and that AAV went down in the Ocean .. same thing Maintenance … so sad .. Not sure there was much accountability there either .. Stu heard you on Jocko .. had already been following… Strong work keep it up .. I do think term limits is a start .. and limiting what is essentially insider trading in Congress would help .. the number on net worth pre and post high level public office is insane ..

    2. Timothy CatesApril 22, 2022


      I truly understand your sacrifice and you have highlighted what has always been a common occurrence. As an aviator we routinely flew missions in circumstances that no aircraft should be flying, much less in combat. There are times when we have to fly in order to support the ground troops and remove threats or obstacles..that’s a given. But to your point there are times we should not be taking unwarranted risks to accomplish a non life threatening issue. Because we take risks constantly on warranted missions it becomes a common place expectation to fly so long as the aircraft is at least 80% “mission capable”. That does not mean it is fully capable to fly without some element of risk. If our flights were treated as civilian flights then we would NEVER fly ! The crews are subject to ridicule and consequence should they refuse to fly the mission in many situations that are not exactly Safe…so we simply decide to fly and avoid that and hope for the best. I personally have been in two major aircraft related accidents and managed to walk away. On the other hand, I have also had to remove many of my fellow flight crew from wreckage due to non combat related incidents. Its a difficult thing to do in and of itself then have to make an about face and fly another mission knowing your probably next. So yes, indeed the military pushes people into situations that no right minded person would commit to. Your husband was obviously a brave soul and like so many was lost unnecessarily. For what it is worth, you have all of our understanding, respect and condolences. God Bless you and may he bring you peace. Keep the Faith.

  31. I just don’t think the problem is our gov. Or rather the vector to address the problem cannot be the gov or directed against the government.

    I reread major general smedley butlers war is a racket. I just think the government has been captured by crony capitalism.

    I have become increasingly certain that the division in the country isn’t the “extremes” of the left and the right this is propoganda delivered by corporate interests to keep us in the dark.

    Fox cnn msnbc these all are different
    companies, but the majority share holders in each corporation are the same Wallstreet investment firms. The true leaders of our country don’t give a shit about left or right, they don’t give a shit about gun laws or wokeness. But these are useful tools to keep us angry and fighting each other and never bothering to look to the man behind the curtain.

    Our political parties are owned by these same investors. No elected official deserves our trust, and I don’t know how we find actual leaders outside of these institutions but we desperately need leaders who are not purchased.

  32. Timothy CatesApril 22, 2022

    We of course have to change the current mindset and status of our military. The critical points of adjustment must come through congress because they are being driven by what has finally revealed itself as a Marxist Socialist left wing agenda usurping our ability to defend against like nations. When our government and military become communists in thought and deed then we the people are at a crossroad. The first method is to vote them out now that they have revealed themselves fully. The issue we now face is absolute corruption at every level within our media, Govt. agencies, voting and justice systems. This makes it even more difficult to remove them with a weak GOP not willing to take the necessary steps in upholding their oaths. We have to elect bold individuals willing to fight the good fight. People such as Gov. De Santis for example. Individuals such as yourself working alongside them to inform educate and rally the people toward a true understanding or our critical status and dire need for rapid change. This I think is occurring slowly and in November we will get a SitRep on the voting system and the peoples will. If the voting system is once again corrupted then the people must rise up in protest at all levels. Governors’ of states and their AG,s along with Federal Judges will have to take a stand to pave the way for the peoples will to be heard and respected. We are facing an evil enemy within our own borders and in elected and appointed offices where they can adjudicate overthrow of the constitution. They are already doing so and will not stop without resistance and that resistance must be focused and fearless. It is interesting that those who seek to undermine us are in large part undermining themselves through incompetent, obnoxious, outrageous and reckless moves as they become embolden and believe they cannot be stopped. So YES !..change is required and it must be addressed like any cancer that threatens the life of the body. Once correctly diagnosed and localized then… Extraction and elimination, by any means necessary.

  33. Yes Sir, we can and should change the key systems in the government and military. It will be an uphill battle, but the problem is not going to fix itself. I’m in.

    Most of the people with whom and for whom I worked during my 36 years in the Corps, were outstanding Marines, but I also saw my share of those who really didn’t cut the mustard and were poor leaders. I have seen peers and superiors promoted because they were basically “next in line”. It’s not supposed to be that way and is the reason we have Fitness Reports and other annual training requirements, but I have known of people who were promoted because there were literally not enough Marines in zone to fill those vacancies. That defeats the purpose of the reporting system and competition and takes away the argument that promotions in the military are based on meritocracies. I have also seen my share Waste Fraud and Abuse from the position of a Marine who was a GPC holder (directed to order things that were a complete waste of taxpayer money and not at all necessary) and also from the position of a contractor who was told his team was working too quickly and that we were going to work our way out of the contract if we didn’t slow down. This is obviously not exclusive to the Marine Corps, as I have worked with the Navy, Air Force and Army as well and have seen it there too.

    Additionally, we absolutely need to bring manufacturing back to the U.S., as it is making us weaker and making other countries (especially China) stronger. Unfortunately, it costs companies considerably more to operate in the U.S. than in other countries. When the unions keep pushing for higher wages some companies have no choice but to outsource. That’s not always the case, as we know there are special interests, but there are also too many people who want bargains and and are not willing to pay more to cut out Chinese manufacturing. Try going to a big-box store and see how many items don’t say “Made in China”. It is tough and I have decided there are things I want that I will do without if it is not made here. Unfortunately, I am one of the very few who will do that.

    On a totally different note (I hope it is okay for this forum), I would like to pass on to you information regarding states illegally overriding Federal law by using VA Disability Compensation to calculate income, which violates 38 USC § 511 and § 5301. This was written into the Veterans Judicial Review Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-687—NOV. 18, 1988). VA Disability Compensation is sometimes a veterans only means to survive and when the states illegally take this money, it is sometimes a contributing factor to veteran suicide. Attorney Carson Tucker (retired US Army JAG Officer) seems to be the only attorney in the country who is taking this on. Most of the other attorneys (just like government officials) don’t want to fight it, as it is a money maker for them. Attorney Tucker took three cases to USSC last year, but the cases were not hears. Neither the US Representatives nor US Senators appear to be interested in taking this on and forcing the states to comply with laws that already exist. I hear many people say “we support the troops”, but it doesn’t appear as though it is worth the trouble for people to get involved and address this issue. A friend and fellow Marine officer told me tonight that you may be coming on his show. I asked him to pass this information on to you if there is time. Otherwise I would love to provide you with more details and possibly pass this onto Pete Hegseth or Tulsi Gabbard. Thank you for your time.


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