Does America want to be a United States or do Americans need to pick a side?

What do you think? Discuss in the comments below!

Stuart Scheller


  1. Sadly, at this point in American history, with the constant barrage of attacks on our freedoms, I don’t see a United States coming anytime soon. I believe it’s about to get worse before it gets better.

    1. I think we are at an inflection point. I think we need to make the decision to make it better. It has to be a solution that comes from the people. The establishment will never offer it.

    2. Charles CostelloDecember 23, 2021

      Sir, I have been fighting this fight for 30 years. The people are getting weaker and the government is become so Orwellian that parents are afraid now to attend a school board meeting for fear of the American SS. The handful of us will be very lucky to turn the sheepeople about.

    3. I respectfully disagree sir. I believe we the people are getting stronger every day.

    4. Please present evidence to bolster your argument. Remember, belief gets in the way of learning.

      FYI, if that were indeed the case, I would be dancing in the streets!

    5. Ray CarpenterDecember 25, 2021

      I have been fighting to make this a better country since my time in Vietnam in 67/68.
      I have in the past few years begun to feel like I am fighting a losing battle in a war for our very survival as the most successful Democracy in the history of mankind.
      We are about to lose our position as the leader of the world who is relied upon by all less powerful countries, to protect and support them and their people.
      If not the United States of America, then WHO? China? Russia?
      I am here looking for answers, we are at a time in our history when we need a great leader, not a divider.
      Who will step forward and unite and lead us? Is it possible?
      I thought that Donald Trump was that person but he was never given a chance, his leadership was sabotaged from before he was elected. What now?
      God save our Republic!!

    6. Unite 350M + people? You’re kidding, right? You can’t get more than 3 people to agree on what to have for dinner.

      I think this country has become far too large, with an unaccountable central government far removed from most of the people. I’m beginning to consider that splitting up into 2, 3, or even 4 different states may be the best way to go.

      It is axiomatic that the closer to the citizens, the lower the intrusions by the state on private life and freedom.

      But some may say that’s not practical. Maybe not, but the destruction that lies ahead on our present course isn’t very practical either.

      IF there was a way to turn this country around, we need to go back to the Constitution, clarify and STRENGTHEN the language that limits the power of the federal government and restate, in modern language, the recognition of natural rights which the state is forbidden to interfere. Enlist the semanticians so that weasel-minded politicians, judges, and others feeding at the public trough can’t “interpret” the protections away. Ban bureaucracies. Put an explicit ban on income taxes after repealing the 16th Amendment. More tweaks, I could go on but you get the idea.

    7. George A TurchioeDecember 25, 2021

      I applaud your courage in speaking truth regarding accountability. I also applaud your willingness to in vest your time and energy in an attempt to engage Americans in serious discussions about the health and future of our Great Republic. Thank you, Sir!

      I appreciate your insights and look forward to your contributions to this important dialogue in the future.

    8. Dale GilbreathDecember 25, 2021

      I think you’re right. The current political “leaders” on both sides of the aisle have no motivation to make a change on their own. We as a people have drifted apart, I agree. Perhaps not as far as we fear, though. Here are some key things I believe will be important (Apologies in advance for the lengthy response):

      1) Find a truly open platform to facilitate an honest dialogue.

      One of the problems we face is finding a way to openly share our ideas and discover common ground. Our dependence on social media is a double edged sword as the providers have at times deemed themselves the arbiters of truth. For that and other reasons many of us have moved to echo chambers. We need to find a way past that.

      2) Vote in all elections, not simply federal elections, and demand accountability.

      We need accountability and courage from our leaders. Griping about our corrupt politicians without demanding accountability is a waste.

      Mistakes are made, and we can and should forgive but lack of accountability is a fatal flaw of character that we cannot allow to stand.

      Many politicians have demonstrated such weakness. As a veteran, I’m particularly appalled at the prevalence of this weakness among many of our senior military leaders like Generals Austin and Milley.

      3) We must form our own opinions and stand by our convictions.

      Too often, we simply parrot what we hear from media, schools etc., that may have their own agendas. For example the media often find profit in amplifying fringe voices, making us think we stand farther apart than we actually are. Before we can find common ground we need to understand our own positions. Once we do that, we can find ways to compromise.

    9. Sons of LibertyDecember 24, 2021

      I agree! Americans are still living in the past. Too many are relying on politicians to fix the problems, but they fail to see that it’s the politicians that created many of the issues. We The People have to be willing to sacrifice modern confeneses and fight back. Demand accountability throughout elected offices and of all leadership. The corruption is so bad, scrubbing from the local level to the president has to be done. At the same time, Americans need to get back to their values. Look in the mirror and make the adjustments in our own lives.

    10. I believe that if we get back to limited government, balance the budget, arrest all the criminals, re-embrace western-Christian values, remove all socialists, commies, and racists from government, we can save America.

    11. it would be nice if we didn’t have to pick a side but unfortunately picking a side seems like exactly where we are.

    12. There have been some positives actions of late to give us hope.: Virginia and numerous school board elections, verdicts in the Kyle Rittenhouse, Ahmad Arbery and Jussie Smollet trials and the fact that no one is following cdc guidance anymore with few exceptions on COVID gives me hope that most of America still believes in God, mom and apple pie. Chevrolet has los us though.

    13. Michael GOREJanuary 9, 2022

      Jon you are correct, we are becoming “The Divided States of America”. Before the 1970’s, we had a Democrat and Republican Parties. Both parties, had a high percentage of Conservatives. Conserve the Constitution & all of it’s Amendments, Conserve the Government Balance Sheet (keep it in balance), and Conserve the American Judaea/Christian way of life and values . The Communist are taking over the USA without firing a shot, they are letting their Money do the Talking! What did Stalin call them “Useful Idiots”!


      How to Speak Progressive
      By: Bill O’ReillyFebruary 13, 2022
      How to Speak Progressive

      If you are bewitched, bothered, or bewildered by how the far left communicates, then this column will be a safe space for you. Way back in 2006, I wrote a book called “Culture Warrior,” which quickly became a number one bestseller. In that book, I put forth the goals of the progressive movement – what they really want besides power and money.

      Now, 16 years later, it has all come true. The far-left controls the man in the White House, most TV News operations, newspapers, and Hollywood.

      I’d say that’s an impressive resume.

      But many Americans still don’t understand the progressive language, so I am here to help. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

      Behold, the lexicon.

      Social Justice. The big one. The tent under which most minority grievances are displayed.

      Equity. The solution to social injustice. The government and private enterprise favoring minority groups and sometimes women.

      Restorative Justice. The movement not to punish criminals with incarceration. This, of course, has led to thousands of murdered Americans, most of them minorities.

      Climate Justice. The destruction of the fossil fuel industry and the allocation of massive government funds to support mostly speculative alternative energy plans.

      Economic Justice. Guaranteed jobs and salaries.

      Income Inequality. Another big progressive tenet. This is the justification for socialism whereby the federal government controls the money flow to Americans – taking from the “haves,” giving to the “have nots” with no work requirements or substance testing for the folks receiving other people’s money.

      Inclusion. Preference for certain social categories, i.e., gay, trans.

      Food Insecurity. Free food for the poor.

      Housing Insecurity. Free or heavily subsidized shelter for the poor.

      Reproductive Rights. Abortion on demand at any time, for any reason, funded with taxpayer dollars. No rights for the unborn or their fathers.

      There are other far-left codes, but those are the headlines. Progressives have now reached the apex of their power, with the ill-informed having no idea about what is actually happening.

      So, this is quite the brave new world, is it not? And I don’t think President Biden and Vice President Harris would object to any of it, which is frightening.

      And know this: If progressives get what they want, there will be no safe spaces. What you have earned throughout your life with sacrifice will become a target of seizure by a powerful government. That’s the plan.

      However, there is still time to defeat it. The November vote will be key.

  2. Manuela MattinglyDecember 23, 2021

    Honestly, I think we slid so damn far down the slippery slope of divisiveness, I am not sure how we come together again. I see it in my hometown. I am a conservative and I am being actively targeted because I support our law enforcement. It’s not fun. But I keep pushing on.

    1. Shaun RosselliDecember 24, 2021

      I agree with the sentiment that there is more that unites us than divides us sir. Forgive the length but I feel the following scenario best describes the state in which we find ourselves:

      If you go to the southwest desert and catch 100
      red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants and
      put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen.
      However, if you violently shake the jar and dump
      them back on the ground the ants will fight until
      they eventually kill each other.
      The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are
      the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real
      enemy is the person who shook the jar.
      This is exactly what’s happening in society today:
      Liberal vs Conservative
      Black vs White
      Pro Mask vs Anti Mask
      The real question we need to be asking ourselves
      is who’s shaking the jar and why?
      -Alex Morton

    2. George A TurchioeDecember 25, 2021

      Excellent reference! Add Cancel Culture, ‘Fact Checking’ and ‘Victimization’ to the mix – this becomes a recipe for the overthrow of the Republic. Marxism is the motivational ideologies that have accelerated their efforts thanks to the Pandemic and Criminal Justice ‘Reform’ in ‘response’ to Police involved incidents.. With the MSM and Governmental Agencies putting their heavy thumbs on the scales, the urgency of ‘transforming’ the country is now at hand.

    3. Alex, you hit the center of the bullseye! Kudos!

      Honest differences of opinion need to be respected – and not demonized – by any individual or party. That’s the heartbeat of a democracy.

    4. I agree. I feel that we’re at a breaking point, that this once-great nation is in need of an amicable divorce. I don’t believe the left and right will EVER find a place of agreement. Yes, I understand the Col’s point that most of us are in the middle. But so many people have totally lost (or never learned) the values of our founders. They don’t understand the constitution. They believe in a large, powerful, all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all government. And they’ve saturated the education systems with their beliefs that are contrary to our constitution. It will be a long, hard struggle if we are to EVER get this country back. Meanwhile, if Texas wants to secede and start fresh, I’m all-in, and the rest of you are welcome to join us.

    5. I like the statement about people forgetting or not knowing the constitution.

      When I was in school we had to pass a constitution test to graduate in grade school. This test was on the state constitution. Then in high school freshman year we all had to pass a test on the US constitution.
      I talked to my grandkids who are on school now and none of them have to pass a constitution test.
      No wonder they don’t know anything about them.

    6. I agree with you completely and I’m afraid we won’t see an honest election in the near future. This may lead to bloodshed. And if that’s what it takes then so be it. What has worried me the most tho is if we are in major conflict here at home some may consider it a great time to invade us.

    7. I also think it’s important to point out that there are many more people (the majority) who would fight and die for this country. When 95% of the media is owned by people who hate this nation those people mentioned before tend to get buried and silenced.

    8. I agree there is a lot of hate right now. We need to figure out how to band together the center with a central principle of love for country.

  3. We will all have to pick a side. For now. This isn’t about a clash of opinions on tax rates etc. This is a clash of communism v. capitalism, and you will NEVER bring the commies along to a capitalistic mindset. Never. Everything that is happening is happening by design; it is planned. Marxist theology has been taught in our schools for decades. I’ve watched a very conservative town near me turn totally marxist in just the last 15 years. We’re not going to convince these people to come along. It will, at some point boil over. Be prepared, prepare your children, and hope that the next decade or so allows for Patriots to rise and take control for a while.

    1. Tom I don’t agree. Remember Senator McCarthy scaring everyone about communism? The same applies today. There are definitely communist/socialist ideals in the current progressives. But that’s why people elected Biden. He wasn’t a great option, but he was the most central option in the Democratic party. MOST AMERICANS do not want what the progressives want. But the progressive arm of the democratic party is only a small slice. I am a conservative, but we have to be very careful about casting half of America as communist.

    2. Charles CostelloDecember 23, 2021

      They may not be Communist in name but are in action. You have been in the military for 17 years isolated from the business world. I spent 13 years and the civilian world was a polar opposite and difficult to understand and navigate. But I will never surrender I have been fighting commies since I was 17 years old.

    3. I completely agree with you, Stu (if I can call you that). First off, we are incredibly proud of you. I am also a conservative, and I still have faith in this country and the patriots who continue to support the principles on which we were founded. I believe the majority of us sit somewhere in the middle. I still believe in the goodness of mankind and the pursuit of happiness. I choose to hope for the best. I can’t bear to think of what we will become if we stop believing in the possibilities. God bless you and thank you for your continued service, in whatever capacity that may be.

    4. McCarthy was correct though, and just warning us of exactly what the Soviets warned….that they would feed the US small doses of Marxism and beat us from within.

      Observation proves they accomplished this through infiltration of our means of Communication/Propoganda. Education, Entertainment, News & Media. Exactly as McCarthy was warning.

      “Lenin Useful Idiots” who don’t even realize that they are espousing Marxist tenets, now permeate our society and institutions, and are in control of our Federal and many State Governments, as well as our Military Commands.

      Look at “History Zero”, “The Big Lie”, “Acccuse your enemy of that which you are doing”, the increasing welfare state, Administrative State Tyrant.

      Can you honestly and with a straight face say that McCarthy was wrong…..really?!

    5. Mark Levin is a great source for more info on American Marxism. He does a deep detailed dive about how it has infiltrated our nation.

    6. Ray CarpenterDecember 25, 2021

      Anywhere in history that Communism has gained a toe hold it has only grown and expanded. Even if only 10% of Americans are Communist, that number will grow and eventually take over this great Republic.
      Just 3 years ago who would have believed the every member of our Congress who identifies as a member of the Democratic Party would vote 100% Progressive with the possible exception of Senators Manchin and Sinema?
      Stuart, if we don’t soon find leadership who has a solution to this March towards Communism, we are doomed as a free and Democratic Republic.

    7. Mike GilbertDecember 27, 2021

      I agree. I am a conservative however if you cast out the other side, we will never get the country moving in the right direction, we’ll just continue to have 50/50 Senate votes and the far left/right will wield more power than they should in this scenario. I see a lot of focus on putting the right conservatives in office and I applaud/support it however if you want to unite the country you have to do the same on the other side. So, for example, if you are putting strong veterans that love the Constitution and this Country in office as conservatives you must find similar leaders on the liberal side that identify as liberal but are middle of the road and share overlapping viewpoints on the big-ticket items (rule of law, strong national defense/borders, fiscal responsibility, etc.). I believe these people are out there. You also must have a balance of power that understands how to effectively compromise. If everyone shares the same exact viewpoint then social cohesion takes over and that can lead to suboptimal decision/policy making. I don’t foresee us changing the two-party system (i.e., creating a third party that overtakes the other two), you must install patriotic leaders that are middle of the road liberals and conservatives that can pull the country together. Once you do this you may have a chance of spinning off a third party, but that is decades out.

    8. I would not call the all of the left out and out commies, but the majority have leaned toward socialism. That is very evident on almost all college campuses, and very prevalent among the 35 and under age group. Research studies support that. It is very disheartening to see so many young people who do not understand how our government and republic function, or even understand our founding documents, but want to supply commentary on the history of our nation. I have already put 3 kids through college, and have 5 more to still finish raising. The colleges are breeding grounds for socialist and communist ideas. I thank God my boys made it through without adopting them. One currently serves in the army, and one leaves for training in January. The third when he graduates this semester. We are an army family, and they follow dad’s footsteps.
      I don’t know how we pull our country back together when we have our education systems busy making sure they push the future generation as far left as possible.
      They are also not teaching them things they should know like basic math, science, civics, etc. With claims that it is racist. As a Hispanic Indian woman, don’t tell my kids they aren’t smart enough to learn based on the shade of their skin, that is crap. I don’t believe in all that privilege stuff, and I don’t want my kids heads filled with it either. We raise them to work hard and earn your way. Nothing in life is free. Everyone holding their hand out waiting on something to be handed to them is what is causing the country to fail.

    9. Col Scheller,
      I believe that you are correct in saying that “MOST AMERICANS DONT WANT what the progressives want.”

      What I will say however is that I the ELECTED officials used Biden to mask what was coming. Yes, during the primaries he was the most centered candidate, but in my opinion we are living in a Bernie/AOC world.

      I’m not saying those two are behind what is going on, I believe it to be China, but it is the agenda being pushed

    10. I don’t think we are living in a Bernie/AOC world. Bernie and AOC represent the people without power who want to take shortcuts to the top. Those people will never attract the hard working middle class. It is the middle class that swings from side to side based on the situation on the ground.

  4. ULISES VASQUEZDecember 23, 2021


    Brother, I respectfully disagree. Most Americans yearn for unity but sadly our nation’s leaders have lacked the capacity to lead for quite some time now. The evidence to back this is up was present to us during the final days of the last administration, and the beginning of the current one.

    The Trump administration was not that bad; however, Trump himself was a divisive force. Many who voted for the current POTUS hoped that removing Trump would bring us together. Unfortunately, it has only accelerated the division because Joe Biden lacks true leadership. He is not alone either as many others on both sides share that we characteristic.

    As Stuart pointed out, the vast majority of Americans are true centrist. Most of us simply want life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Many of us just want safety for our families and our communities. Americans have plenty in common we just need real leadership that does not highlight every minor difference. We also need the media to stop facilitating this message.

    1. Completely agree with you Ulises! If we believe it can’t happen it certainly won’t happen! Most Americans fall in the center, we just don’t hear from them often!

    2. Todd cameronDecember 23, 2021

      Ulises Agree 💯 We need real leadership. A focus back to our unalienable rights would be a good start. I’m in the state of New York. Honestly what has happened too those rights here scares me.

    3. Ulises,
      I agree completely. Most Americans just want to live a safe, happy life and enjoy the freedoms that this country was founded on. I know that almost everyone I know and talk to share these same ideas!

    4. Biden is president in name only. Radical leftists are in charge, headed by Barack Obama.

    5. Comments like these are what is dividing America. Biden is a good man, many Republican Senators have said so when they thought they were off the record. Lies about Biden are being used to stoke division. Stop them now.

    6. I agree with Ulises. We need LEADERSHIP! Stuart Scheller would be a great leader, he could even become President (hint, hint).

    7. Ulises,

      I agree with you on all of this except for President Trump being a divider. I think what President Trump did was to shine a light on the cesspool that is D.C. That created panic amongst the creatures that have been quietly destroying our way of life slowly and methodically, in the dark, over a long period of time. He is no doubt a shock to that system and that comes across as divisive. Of course with aid from media and the entrenched political machine narratives.

      We ask for a leader and a fighter for the American people. We get taken aback when that person takes control and hits our enemies back, without violence I should add. After Russia Gate, two unconstitutional impeachments, endless infringements on privacy, continual illicit investigations, all the lies and the plethora of attacks on his supporters (not to mention his many accomplishments in the face of it all), I would say President Trump is the definition of grace under fire. I would be interested to know how many people could survive that kind of onslaught much less get all the things done that he did. We rightfully complain about the hypocrisy of the politicians and get offended by a guy that is not a politician but is willing to take them on.

      The divisive ones put people in jail for speech or egg on riotous activity and call it peaceful or hold citizens in prison without charges and treat them as enemies of the state or deem American citizens terrorists for getting involved in their community in a way that does not support the oligarchy…then blame the other guy. These are the things I’m deeply concerned about. Measure this activity against mean tweets sent to scumbags and liars…just a thought.

      Maybe it’s just me but since President Trump I see more inclusiveness among all the different “classes” the Marxists like to divide everyone into. The WORD (and I only mean the word) racism as currently defined by the usual suspects has a dehumanized aspect as it is only used for political purposes. It pains me to see good patriots fall into the trap of Trump divisiveness. The only expanding gap that is obvious to me is the one between the Marxists and the American Patriots. Our countries enemies are more visible. That, to me, is a good thing. As for the centrist I think Churchill said it best, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” -Respectfully-

    8. I agree with most of what you say Ulisis except the comment regarding Trump dividing the country. That started with the Clintons and Obama enforced it. Trump is brash but smart. Except for all the twitter comments but how was he to get the word out while being censored by the msm? I would think the first order of business should be infiltrating the msm. Or, just shut them down. Yes, I believe in freedom of speech but, They don’t. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. On a side note, I’ve often wondered why ALL the Democrats vote together. All No or All Yeah. How is it possible that the moderates have disappeared. Isn’t is possible they’ve been paid off Or threatened? Stuart, I pray to God that You, We can accomplish something Quickly cause we don’t have much time.

  5. This is in response to the other forum question about the military— I can tie it into my perspective on this question regarding picking a side.

    I believe the Military structure needs fundamental change.
    No longer is the Military used to defend the homeland; but to defend the 1% through special interests in the name of ‘Global humanitarianism”
    Is there a time and place to infiltrate and abolish injustice? Absolutely- refer back to WWII and the regime.
    *BUT is there a need to consult the people (representatives) and have transparency with our military and their deployments? I think so, 100%.
    I understand time, place, and confidentiality is critical to success and safety for our troops– but I propose a reform in the system that would incorporate leaders and votes at a local level before deployments and other changes take place.
    I am unaware if a system like this is already in place — but I would like to see a percentage system in place for our troops. What I mean is— the military is meant to defend at home AS MUCH as overseas.
    If 500 troops come from a county, then I’d like to see 75% of those troops stationed in their home state and 25% on active deployment. Then during times of war, maybe alter those numbers to 45% at home and 55% abroad. But keep the troops local and incentives offered to employers for employing active and retired military.
    The National Guard is a separate branch, of course, but in civilian roles each County/ State that has active military recruited, should retain those troops.
    I would like to see the military “bootcamps” training done with less seclusion. The military should begin a recruit with more involved constitutional training first for a year- then ship off to a training location in their home-recruitment state.
    The military should be a collection of State leadership decisions and NOT entirely federal-gov’t controlled. The pentagon should be in place to monitor relationships with outside countries and act as central command to monitor battalions on deployment and NOT act as a Second government overseeing the entirety of America’s troops on a day-to-day basis.
    The State and local leaders should be first in line for their constituents — EVEN if those constituents are military.
    Today, the military is now profitable and Elite; Not developed solely by ‘We the People’ and for ‘We the People’.
    We need reform NOW before Biden declares Martial law. They are clearly flushing out any Constitutionalist Military personnel to ensure mostly communist-minded troops are in the pertinent positions

    As for picking a side– We actually need to pick our neighbors. The side of love and reason.
    Most of us are centrist and prefer peace, but if provoked we will do what it takes to maintain peace. As we should, sometimes maintaining peace means getting involved in conflict. Lying down does not bring about peace when Life, liberty, and happiness is involved.
    The divisive force that Trump was, actually dismantled the tight-knit corruption that was flowing in the background.
    If he hadn’t caused this chaos, we wouldn’t have seen the nasty leaders for what they were!

    Background on myself: I am a daughter of a Drafter Vietnam Vet, but I was born very late. I was raised in the 90’s and 2000’s so I was 100% in the beginning of marxist education and corruption in our schools. I am a bridge and an outlier.
    I saw and heard Vietnam stories first hand at a time when our schools were teaching me that my father was a “baby-killer” (Propaganda coming full circle). My teachers certainly did not like when I would return to school with eye-witness accounts and questions that contradicted their text books.
    Our generation was taught that Jane Fonda was a beacon of light and freedom. The reality is otherwise.

    I was blinded, but now I see.
    I voted Clinton in ’16 and Trump in ’20. As did many, many of my friends.
    It seems that those who are 25 and younger have been trained to trust the government; the government is their provider and truth… Even though the Government has orchestrated their growing confusion, they don’t see it this way yet. Systems in place keep the younger generation broke, in loans, and exhausted. If they wake up, things will radically change.
    Then we have those who are 40+ in age. Many of them are bought into this corruption as most of their life has been very ‘good’ and they believe they can trust the government due to experience. These are the last generations of freedom and decent education.
    The ones who are 70+ are a mix between propaganda, mental damage from the Draft, and those who’ve seen government lie first-hand. It is no wonder they are the most neglected and targeted age group. Dying off very quickly, too.

    Then you have my generation between 26-40. Some of us haven’t tasted the bitterness of betrayal, yet. Most of us have because we were the “bridge” generation between freedom in education and marxist education. We were some of the last kids to be raised by stay at home moms and some of the first kids to be brought into “daycare centers” since infancy. We are the mix that sees this corruption for what it is; yet most of us barely have savings to say “NO” since we started out during the first Recession and battled inflation for over 15 years. Many of us had the ability to regain stability while Trump was in office as he exposed and dismantled many systems we were involuntarily “opt-ed” into (such as Affordable care Act)..
    If you read all of this, I thank you.
    Allow me to close with this insight.
    Uniting the States begins with sitting home and educating our children; giving them tough love at any age. Be the home they can hang out in and bring friends over. Stand up to your children and go “viral” in ideology within your own homes and neighborhoods. Pray for your children and the future boldly.
    As parents, we need to be Reaffirming right from wrong and instilling a subconscious voice of reasoning and healthy questioning.
    I urge you to Unplug them the best you can- remove disagreeing influences and channels, but introduce those “other” opinions in a controlled environment that can spark discussion. Do not shelter them: love them, inform them, and educate them. Do not assume the responsibilities to our schools and teachers- apparently the leeway has been mightily abused. Many educators are wonderful, but they are under the thumb of “Boards” and Government requirements to meet “standards”.
    Bottom line….
    Technology is too invasive and allows our children to be introduced to things that require deep conversation. unfortunately, as parents we may never know when they are exposed because it is delivered DIRECTLY to them through a gateway WE purchased.
    No longer are we monitoring at the door who or what comes into our homes as it comes in through a channel and lures our children out, (daycare, school speakers, snapchat, instagram, Tinder), and returns them confused, damaged, and broken.
    Be vigilant!
    It will end up getting worse (for some) before it gets better.

    1. Exactly. This has been going on in every state and city for years now. I love this country and even though I am old now I would gladly and I do fight for this country every day. I would like things to move at least a bit towards the middle for God sakes.
      The worst thing I can’t stand is voting on bills that they haven’t even read just because it was their party. Thomas Jefferson warned us about political parties. PARTY Politics just make me with to puke. What can we do? Give me some kind of action that I can take. Everything I think I can do just goes nowhere. Every vote I make in elections I feel don’t make any difference. I sometimes feel abandoned by our leadership.

    2. Patrick, I hear commentators saying stand up and do something, but like you I don’t know what to do or where to start. I am very excited to see this blog. It gives me hope. I also recommend you check out convention of the states. They have started a grassroots campaign at the local level and were instrumental in getting youngkin elected in VA and Durr in NJ. They help your vote count.

    3. I have read about the convention of states project(s). After the holidays I will be getting involved. I know my state has a group that is working on the convention of states.

      I am sick really of both parties. One is as bad as the other.

    4. Tiffany,
      A well-considered post. While I agree that your basic thread of returning to a strong Federalist system is definitely long overdue, I am not sure that translates well to the military. As a student of history, I am reminded of when “armies” were the purview of the local aristocrat, and subject to their whims and approval (or lack thereof) with the cause at hand. While the favor of the Comte de Lafayette worked out well for us, and his aid secured the victory in the Revolutionary war, the risks dividing the loyalties of our forces seems problematic. You have sketched out a good outline that might work, just posing the question of how we work out military actions on a global scale when Texas decides not to send their air elements.

    5. You have excellent points especially the State/County military force as well as a National Guard. Didn’t the Civil War have similar structure i.e. Regiment = State , Brigade , Division, Corp and up the Chain to POTUS.

  6. Charles CostelloDecember 23, 2021

    America completed the divorce in Jan 6th, 2021 when an illegal government took the reins of our country. This has been coming for many years I believe intensifying with the Criminaltons in the WH. Then a non citizen allowed in the WH. Go ahead call me a conspiracy theorist, I wear it with pride as each one is proven regularly.

    1. Jan 6, 2021 was a sad day for America when a mob of anti-American criminals tried to overthrow the government and install a dictator. People who oppose letting We the People elect who we want to elect are the problem. Every citizen should be able to vote without restrictions on that fundamental right of our representative democracy. And those who want to steal the election because they don’t like the outcome should be thrown in jail for their traitorous activities.

    2. J6 was a fed psyop. Nice try, Marxist. Nov 3/4 was a sad day/night for America – the day a color revolution took place and a usurper was installed. And this isn’t a representative democracy. It’s a constitutional federal republic.

    3. Hopefully if the House and Senate flip to Republicans they will get to the TRUTH of January 6th protest. There is a lot more that needs to come out especially what role the FBI had in it. There is plenty of video to confirm this. Every “Legal American” Citizen alive should be able to vote with proper I.D..

    4. I love these people who post as Anonymous. We can tell which folks have been neutered and can’t make an honest contribution to anything.
      Tiffany, you’re post was the honest Truth. And I also support women who stay home and raise their children. God bless you.

  7. Yes, I think authentic Americans want to be united. If we were presented with actual facts, allowed to formulate our own opinions on topics & then encouraged to have respectful public debate on these topics then you would find most Americans will fall within the a same margins. If you stand back & look at the big picture, Unity is what all sides are gunning for. How that unity happens & what that unity looks like depends on your perspective, what motivates you & your core values. If there was a side to pick, Unity is the side I pick.

  8. We need more unity among the American people as a whole. This current POTUS is absolutely delusional. None of what is currently going on right now in the military or otherwise has ANYTHING to do with caring about The United States of America..or our people..or anywhere for that matter..this ALL has to do with control! How far will they push us all?? How far will we ALL let this go before we stand up and ask for ACCOUNTABILITY from ALL that are higher up??? ITS TIME WE STAND FOR AND WITH OUR COUNTRY..FOR ALL OUR CHILDREN AND they to..will have the FREEDOMS that men and women died for to give us these rights!! I will go down fighting for the FREEDOMS we all share and love! Thats what this country was built on. Everyone come together and fight for what is right and just..or we will not have a world left to fight for..❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

    1. It doesn’t even need to rise to the level of POTUS to ruin the country. As evidence it only takes one cuck CMC (Commandant Marine Corps) to tell Marines it’s okay to fly a gay pride or black lives matter flag but you will be punished under the UCMJ if you fly the Stars and Bars to ruin a whole service. Then to further weaken the corps they would do something like shut down Parris Island in order to train Marines to female standards with women like the other branches do. Oh, wait, they’re already working on that. My bad, but Semper Fi guys!

    2. No one in the military should ever fly a flag of people who fought against the United States. That includes the treasonous stars and bars who lost decisively against the US more than a century ago.

    3. Treasonous stars and bars?
      What’s so treasonous? That they were fighting over state’s rights? That is my heritage, coming from Texas. My great grandfather was a Confederate Marine. He wasn’t treasonous. I served in the Corps, just like my father, his father, and at least 1 man from every generation of my family, all the way back to Tun Tavern. There’s nothing treasonous about the Stars and Bars.

  9. I honestly think we NEED to be a United States. This country was founded by our fore fathers and a lot of people have forgotten that. Many have taken for granted what was built for us as Americans. So much destruction and the picking of sides is what has gotten us to where we are today. I think change is needed and also people need to be reminded of what this country was built on to begin with. Some of my ancestors were already here and some weren’t, but they came to this country for a better life and the freedom it provided them. We need that freedom again, like I said many need to be reminded of that. Why should sides be picked?

    1. I agree Toni. I think it takes deliberate effort to figure out what you have in common rather than falling in the trap of only focusing on the differences.

    2. The Constitution is simply a price of paper with the thoughts of the founders written on it.

      If it is not revered and held high by all on any side then it becomes nothing but an instrument used to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with a position. The federalist papers should be as important to the understanding of the constitution and bill of rights and the actual documents themselves. These men put their arguments in writing so the future could understand their thinking in an issue.

      All political debate should be rooted in the constitution/ bill of rights backed by citations of those documents or the underlying documents of the federalist papers or Magna Carta. If a politician is not learned enough in those documents to make a cogent argument then they should be in no position to be forming laws.

  10. We are the United States! We dont need to pick sides. Just enforce the laws, improve the laws and let the constitution rule. There is only one side. Get real.

  11. We Centralists AKA the “silent majority” must pick a side. Lets call our side the center. The sooner we become vocal, the sooner we will be heard. As a Marine veteran it renews my sense of Patriotism to see a fellow Marine sound the rally cry to stand up for OUR country. Stu, thank you for your courage and commitment. Looking forward to this long needed effort. Got your “SIX”

  12. Patricia KnotekDecember 23, 2021

    Trump opened a can of worms that is desperately trying to be closed . The corrupt won the battle last year. We all know the truth. They won the battle but TRUE PATRIOT AMERICANS will win the war.But the old saying “ You Cant fight city hall”Well, it’s time to fight city hall. Everyday people, that is a good place to start. Get involved with local issues, especially education boards. ACCOUNTABILITY! WE ALL CANT BE WRONG!

  13. Jordan SlukaDecember 24, 2021

    In contemplating this question, two quotes came to mind. Historically, we can look back to many times over thousands of years where humans lived through peace, then turmoil, followed by years of war, then peace, turmoil, and war again. It’s as cyclical as the weather changing. The first quote that came to mind:

    “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf

    I believe we’re living through this cyclical change now. Our society is very complacent and very comfortable. Unless we’re willing to figuratively and literally engage and get dirty, we won’t be able to avoid the inevitable hard times created by weak men that lie ahead.

    Second quote:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the carrier of the plague.” – (Often misattributed to Cicero, actually written by novelist Taylor Caldwell in 1965 who was trying to imagine what Cicero might have said on this topic)

    The problem with that second quote is that if a Democrat reads it, they see it as validation that Republicans and traitors and vice versa if a Republican reads it.

    The real problem is tribalism and not heading James Madison’s warning in the Federalist Papers where he explicitly warned us about political factions. We were never supposed to be a two-party system. If I have to pick a side, I’m choosing the one that respects the Constitution.

    1. Jordan… great post. Washington hated political factions too. But, we have had political factions since the early 1800s. The Republic hasn’t fallen yet. One of the key differences now is that social media is accelerating divides.

    2. Jordan SlukaDecember 24, 2021

      Very good point, social media and the mainstream media are both negative influences on our country. They have so much potential for good but at present, their tremendous power is only serving to divide. It would be great to turn it all off, a national reset.

      I look forward to following your posts and interviews. You have a lot to offer our country. Thank you for your many years of service. I was an HM at the Naval Hospital at Lejeune from 2007-2010. Was a pleasure to care for Marines and their families.

    3. Stuart,

      The military oath to defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic to me is very important. How would our military react if this was tested from domestic invaders or destroyers?

    4. I’ve thought about this a lot. My letter of reprimand from my General stated that I broke my oath. To which I replied… foreign and DOMESTIC. I understand the oath… but it seems it has a different meaning to others.

  14. United States, sure… as long as it is centered thinking. I do not want to unite, assimilate or in any other manner be Associated with the far radical either side.
    You can’t mix fresh water with salt water and have anything drinkable. It will be brine.
    United will only work as long as it includes like minded intellects.

  15. We want to be the United States and that requires our government to serve us not control us. We must have term limits, refuse elected officials to earn any additional income while in office (harsh, but necessary), and for them to report ALL monies received while in office! No more lobbyists, no more huge campaign funds. Keep ‘Em Honest! …or they can go back home!!!

    1. I agree term limits sound very appealing. However, I think it may be a bit reductive of the challenges facing the governance of the premier world power with the largest economy, most diverse population, spread out over the third largest land mass in the world. Additionally, I honestly don’t know how you can send someone into government, to compete (and make no mistake, that competition is for all the marbles) against diplomats on the international stage. Is that a reasonable expectation? Consider that both our allies and enemies have been developing skills, and loyalties globally over decades. Neither would hesitate to exploit the smallest weakness or naiveite of a freshman representative.

  16. We are not the United States if we divide or secede from the Union. We need to go back to basics and not be afraid to say the truth. We have allowed radical ideas to take over in every facet of our society because we have been afraid to speak truth and be called bigots and worse. To start we need to run for local offices. As voters we have a responsibility to vett any incoming candidates for authenticity and political or financial relationships. Just because they say they are conservative, does not mean they really are or share the same ideals. County by County is the way to the future.

    1. Excellently said, it will only happen if people who truly love this country realize that our country was designed to be a republic of free people who choose those who we designate to higher office. As you ably said people will have to get off their couch and get involved at the community level. The future leaders are in the schools and began their political careers in local government. To effect change starts at the local level. By the time a person reaches higher positions, they will be the ones who present their ideas while people who have not been involved will stand by wondering how certain policies happened.

  17. The idea that we have to pick a side, is a false narrative that extremist talking pundits in the media, and politicians on the fringes of the political spectrum are trying to shove down upon us. Real American’s respect their neighbors, care about their communities and understand that for this Democratic Republic to work we have to acknowledge and respect that we live in an extremely large and diverse nation with a wide range of beliefs and values. Not everyone is going to agree with each other, and that’s ok. The tie that binds us is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those are the foundations that can and should keep our disagreements from pulling us to far apart. Democracy is and will be messy, but as long as we can maintain the ability to listen and talk to each other America can survive and thrive. If we continue down the path of tribalism and extremism, however, than America is doomed to crumble.

    1. Is it a false narrative? I generally agree with you, or would have up until 20 years ago. However, when the artifices of government are weaponized against the people, how do we eradicate this injustice, and restore the objectivity of those functions without picking sides?

    2. Very well stated John. There needs to be much better messaging alignment that promotes our common values (which you stated above) for the middle ~80% of America. That unifying messaging is either absent or ineffectively leveraged currently. I do believe that the majority of America would agree with it though.

  18. I suppose that depends on what you mean by “pick a side”. We pick sides on a multitude of issues every day, but have always managed to unite behind foundational core principles. However, with the resurgence of Marxism (under the shiny candy coating of Progressive Neo-Marxism) there is a concerted effort to drive wedges between Americans. It’s the classic Leftist tactic: set everyone against each other. Labor against owners, poor against the wealthy, black/white/hispanic, rural against urban and the list goes on. They hang back in the shadows, wait for the strongest to be consumed, and then descend on the aftermath, to be lords of the ashes.

  19. I do not want to choose a side. However, the choice is being forced. You cannot be Uninformed and remain neutral in this climate. I would prefer to “Go Galt” if possible and to a certain extent I have. I do not want to see it more divided, but I will support the Constitution.

  20. I believe the majority of Americans are terrified centrists. Fight Marxism and pornography in the schools, the FBI raids your home. Teach your children traditional values and CPS is knocking on your door. When our government is asking us to spy on and turn in our neighbors for their views, we have a problem. When our government actively tries to divide us by race, vaccination status etc and threaten our livelihood and liberty for non compliance we have a problem. It is to the point where picking a side may no longer be a choice, it may be all about survival. Our children are being taught in schools to HATE and DISTRUST each other. Without unity we are doomed, but soon it will be too late for unity.

    1. Exactly. The weaponizing of the DoJ should be the most troublesome development in our country in recent years, to every American, regardless of political affiliation. Because if one side can use it as a bludgeon against their political opponents, when the other gets into power, they can do the same.

  21. Doesn’t the Federalist system provide a mechanism for us to choose a side, geographically? We see this playing out right now in real-time, though I know it’s not ideal for those living in Progressive cesspits. People are escaping to Texas, Arizona (my state) and Florida. These states are benefitting from large influxes of cash, and intellectual capital. That will translate into increased opportunity, and therefore greater incentive to migrate to these areas.

    Could it be that the Framers (whether by divine providence, wise planning, or sheer dumb luck) structed a free-market solution into the Constitution that is the antidote to Neo-Marxist lunacy?

    1. Perhaps, but we have already dismantled many of the safeguards put into our constitution. Each state was to be sovereign with their own representation in the federal government (the Senate). This was put in place to ensure the Feds did not become too strong. We took that away with the 17th Amendment. Consequently the Senate, instead of being a safeguard of state sovereignty is a glorified house. Now they are talking Supreme Court Packing and doing away with the Electoral College. The College was established to make sure big states like New York didn’t run rough shod over little states like Rhode Island. If the succeed in eliminating the Electoral College we will all be Slaves to New York and LA.

    2. Howard HarterDecember 24, 2021

      We will get to see the true colors of the current administration regarding court packing. The supreme court research group posted a few days ago they will not recommend to add any supreme court justices.

    3. Yes we will see their true colors. I have no doubt that if the voting bill doesn’t pass the senate they will not only attempt to change the filibuster rules but also pack the Supreme Court as well.

  22. In so much as the Internet (current version of the public square) is only interested in left opinions and cancel culture has more power than the first amendment, it has been determined that we must divide to survive. Since 1965, America has been a failed experiment set upon by global merchants and money changers. In so much as you will never convince (force) civilized, White Male Christians to suffer drag queen story hour at the local library or critical race theory hero’s who want to indoctrinate our children in school, there are only two choices – divide or destroy. Demography has always been destiny and it’s been slowly denigrating since the voting rights act of 1965. Its only now, that Coca Cola and the Red Cross are holding company meetings and memos telling their White employees that they need to be less White are the majority of this country waking up, albeit too late. Division is the one last chance for survival of America. For this reason, neither the left nor the right (two hands of the same over represented puppet masters) can be allowed to remain in power. Therefore we present, THE PLATFORM OF THE NATIONAL JUSTICE PARTY
    1. The United States of America will be declared an outpost of Western civilization and a state dedicated to its European-heritage population and their posterity. It will be the policy of the state to set immigration and natal policy that will ensure a permanent European majority. The rights of historic minority populations will be respected.
    2. We demand the extension of the 1964 Civil Rights act to provide equal protections and privileges to the White majority, or the act must be repealed.
    3. We support the nationalization and strategic break ups of banks, mass media, and monopolistic corporations in order to create public accountability and guarantee that they serve the nation first.
    4. We support a two percent ceiling on Jewish employment in vital institutions so that they better represent the ethnic and regional population balance of the country.
    5. We support the sacred rights of free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association. Political views will not be censored by the state or any large private concerns. It will be illegal for any employer to retaliate against workers for political activism and expression outside the workplace.
    6. We support private property rights, including a program to make home ownership more accessible to stably employed family men. Small businesses and communities will be granted the right to refuse service or home ownership to anyone for any reason they see fit.
    7. We stand firm in defense of the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms.
    8. We demand the FBI, which acts as nothing more than a political secret police force for elite interests, be abolished and replaced with a legitimate federal law enforcement agency.
    9. We demand an end to political contributions and corporate lobbying. Elections must be publicly financed.
    10. The corrupt two party system must be abolished and replaced by a system that offers real representation to racial groups and economic classes.
    11. We oppose America’s ongoing military entanglements and demand the return of all troops to the homeland. We will engage in diplomacy under the doctrine of ”America First” and cease the internationalist project of exporting liberalism.
    12. We will nationalize the defense industry and make war profiteering a criminal act. All able bodied men will be conscripted into national service.
    13. Lobbying on behalf of foreign nations will be banned and classified as espionage. Foreign negotiations will be conducted through official diplomatic channels.
    14. We will declare Israel a rogue state and exporter of terrorism. The national rights of the Palestinian people must be respected.
    15. We will establish a new economic policy that stresses the family wage, full and stable employment, and a strong middle class. We will abolish the income tax on productive work and put this burden on capital and speculative income.
    16. We call for correcting the power imbalance between labor and management through a national labor organization that guarantees employee rights.
    17. We support an industrial plan that brings home capital and manufacturing and invests in our depressed and de-industrialized heartland. We will implement massive public works projects to modernize our crumbling infrastructure.
    18. Usurious and predatory lending practices will be outlawed. All credit will be issued by the state with no middle-man profiteers.
    19. Health care is a right. Health care must be removed from the control of for-profit hospitals and insurance companies and made a public service for all people. Preventative care will be emphasized and physical fitness will be promoted.
    20. We will restore reason, logic and tradition to the education system by implementing a comprehensive classical curriculum. Homosexual, neoliberal, and transgender propaganda will be explicitly banned from being taught to children.
    21. We will establish a Department of Culture that will oversee the creation of art and architecture to enlighten the public through beauty and transcendence. Suburbs and small towns will be revitalized with beautification projects to make them walkable and attractive and to encourage social life.
    22. The state must act as the steward of the environment. Industrial and economic needs will be balanced with quality of life and the preservation of natural beauty. Wildlife will be protected, and we will expand national parks and wilderness areas. Religious slaughter and other inhumane treatment of animals will be banned.
    23. We support strong families. Married women will be paid by the state to care for their children. No fault divorce will be repealed, and homosexual marriage will be banned.
    24. The benefits of automation will be shared among all citizens. Technological advancement will be used to reduce work hours, raise wages, lower the retirement age and increase pensions.
    25. In order to put an end to racial conflict and hate, all people will be entitled to be policed, educated, and judged by individuals of their own race. No longer will any race be exploited for the benefit of another in America.

    Are you ready to take the red pill and travel the path of finding out the truth behind the lies, providing the opportunity to forever change your knowledge and perception of reality or will you stay blue pilled as a goyim slave in a dream world sculpted by self proclaimed eternal victim international money changers? As a Veteran Marine and Soldier, I am prepared, ready and willing to lead whatever fight necessary in defense of our people, our beliefs and our way of life. Semper Fidelis.

    1. I am conservative, and what you describe sounds terrifying and authoritarian in a FAR RIGHT leaning way. I belive The Constitution we have works just fine, as long as it is upheld, and that is the problem, it is currently being ignored.

  23. Brenda KeitzerDecember 25, 2021

    Almost every human I talk to wants unity. Almost every one on television is polarized. When the few on television appear more plentiful, the actual majority can lose hope.

    Balance is important. The root cause and therein solution here is media imo.

    Idea 1: Strategic rebranding as “entertainment” or “politicized nonsense” people see the circus.

    Idea 2: Reduce polarization.
    Go back to 1 hour (or some limited national and international highlights) of actual news & facts, less talk show opinionated chatter.
    Online, much like this forum, a federal agency can post a topic. Then, our news agencies can post their side of each story making the spectrum of skewing together so a person can piece together the facts puzzle. I do not want censoring but politicized issues need organized.
    Information is powerful so a federal plan of some flavor.

    Idea 3. Teach professionalism. Or whatever we call disagreeing but still respecting each other. This is a maturity & skill.

  24. Nicholas M SchrammDecember 25, 2021

    The problem is highlighted by your far left vs. far right diagram. There are two sides fighting extremely vigorously against each other with views which have no prayer for reconciliation. This leaving you forever in opposition to your neighbor beyond the hope of meaningful shared active participation, or in a state of blissful agreement. However, your agreement is simply a shared preference. You will never achieve anything because you and Susan both believe that narco terrorism is bad. Buy your latte and leave the store and don’t you dare ask your barista to participate in life with you. The problem is the proponents of these left or right viewpoints who are our lawmakers DON’T actually have opposing viewpoints. They totally agree that they want power. So now all they have to do is keep the American populous on the treadmill and off of the trail to accomplishment.

  25. Lisa DalportoDecember 26, 2021

    The dad who called in to Biden and his wife a few nights ago and tricked Biden into saying let’s go Brandon is now getting death threats. Although unification would be a best-case scenario, I don’t see a path forward with these people. They literally want us dead.

  26. I like the statement about people forgetting or not knowing the constitution.

    When I was in school we had to pass a constitution test to graduate in grade school. This test was on the state constitution. Then in high school freshman year we all had to pass a test on the US constitution.
    I talked to my grandkids who are on school now and none of them have to pass a constitution test.
    No wonder they don’t know anything about them.

  27. The ‘side’ that needs to be taken is the side of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    There are three types of people, 1) Those who abide by and support the Constitution. 2) Those who have never even read it (or very little) so they don’t have an informed opinion and 3) Those who hold the document in a negative light and don’t want to follow it.

    If you don’t appreciate freedom, liberty, and what the Founders fought for then it will be lost. Our society is rapidly losing that appreciation at a rapid rate.

    Col Scheller, there is a massive communist movement taking place right now in the United States. Many don’t understand it is happening or simply don’t see it but it is real. Study Marx and it becomes clear as day.

    Flag officers are ‘clinging to the idol of comfort’ instead of putting their men and country first. You could say our entire society is doing the same.

    Remember what Reagan said, freedom can be lost in a single generation unless it is fought for.

  28. Sir, I generally love what you have to say but I want to offer one thought on this “unity vs division” theme. A graphic on your homepage lists several examples of “far-right” and “far-left” beliefs. I agree most of these beliefs are unconstructive, but I was surprised to see “Anti-Gay marriage” among these beliefs.

    I think it’d be worth your while to rethink this one. If nothing else, consider that the view your chart characterizes as “extreme” or “far right” was, just two decades ago, by far the majority position – considered common-sense wisdom by most people (don’t forget a majority of Californians voted for Prop 8, banning same-sex marriage, as recently as 2008!). Were these people right? Sure, we can debate that, but it sure doesn’t seem prudent to call them all right-wing extremists whose opinions are now suddenly beyond the pale.

    It also insults the countless Americans, including Catholics, Latter-Day Saints, most mainstream Protestants, and many Jews and Muslims whose churches continue to teach time-honored wisdom on marriage and sexuality (all while affirming that people in same-sex relationships are children of God, human beings, and Americans with every bit the same dignity as the rest of us). Even the Supreme Court in its 2015 Obergefell decision on gay marriage recognized the rights of sincere Americans to “engage those who disagree with their view in an open and searching debate.”

    I’m not asking you to agree with me about gay marriage – just not to insult us as a bunch of bigots or extremists.

    1. Brother… I think you misunderstood my intent. I am saying we as the American people need to drive a wedge between the far right and the far left. I think the 80% of us in the middle think more alike than those in the extreme. I think treating all people equal, regardless of sexuality, gender, or race is critical. I want to note however, that I also believe in fair standards across the board, and I am not a proponent of equal opportunity being more significant than qualifications. Does that answer your question?

    2. I totally agree with you on treating people equally regardless of sexuality, gender, race, etc. But treating someone equally doesn’t have to mean redefining a whole institution (i.e. marriage) from the top down to suit their preferences. I know that might sound harsh or non-inclusive, but I think marriage and sexuality are a matter of biology – not just something we can redefine on a whim. In some ways our culture puts way too much emphasis on “being nice” and “not hurting feelings,” but is it really wise to redefine a millennia-old institution just in the name of inclusion?

      And marriage isn’t a purely private matter – it’s a social institution that affects a whole community. That’s the whole reason the legal system has a hand in it in the first place.

      It’s worth asking whether any successful civilization in history has ever defined same-sex relationships as marriages. Some societies like the Greeks and Romans were tolerant of these relationships, but I don’t know of one successful society (before 20 years ago or so) that equated those relationships with marriages. Did we all just suddenly wake up in the early 2000s and realize, oh wow, we were wrong, two men are practically, functionally, the same kind of thing as a man and a woman? Maybe, but that sure seems like hubris.

      Again though, we could debate this stuff all day, but it’s just hard for me to believe that the ideas above (which, remember, a huge majority of people agreed with until very recently) falls in the same “extreme” category as QAnon, etc. A lot of decent people out there agree with me about marriage, and for decent reasons – not out of bigotry or intolerance. I hope you’ll rethink this issue because I really support what you’ve been doing and if you label this view “extreme,” I think you’re gonna drive a wedge between you and a lot of really good people.

  29. Just one more thought – I understand this view of marriage and sexuality is extremely hard on people with same-sex attractions. That’s a huge cross to bear, and they deserve love and support from the whole community, not discrimination or persecution. But biology is what it is, human nature is what it is, and I don’t think it really helps anyone in the end to pretend otherwise.

    Thank you for engaging on this. It’s such a tough issue, and it’s gotten to the point where most people can’t even talk about it in good faith anymore. But it’s not going away anytime soon, so I appreciate your openness to discussing.

  30. and remember, QAnon is simply something for some people to put their ‘hope’ in that things will get better.

    The whole Q thing is stupid and not even real. it is nothing. Personally, I think it was ‘created’ to make some people ‘look bad’ and nothing more. A political ‘tool’ designed to de-legitimize some people who want to believe in a traditional America.

    When people get desperate and are unhappy with things they try to find hope in something. Q was that hope for some.

    But the Q thing is all silly and has no substance at all so hope people would stop talking about it. We know people on the left will never let it go though.

    1. Q is literally a recycled version of the Soviet’s Operation Trust brought to us by American communists in the FBI or CIA or both. Go look it up. But yeah, Q people need to wake up and let it go. No one is coming to save us.

  31. Your story about David is apt and truly describes how courage is energized from within. What is lacking in society in general is the idea of an absolute truth. Moral courage and absolute truth go hand and hand. The story of David and Goliath is from the Bible and describes a shepherd energized by his belief in God which was the source of his truth. The most important possession we have is our freedom, provided by a nation that is dedicated to protect it for its citizens. From a Biblical sense freedom is to enable every human being the opportunity to freely search and come to conclusions concerning God. The highest commendation is for one who is willing to serve to provide everyone their freedom. In order for this country to remain free, a strong well led military is a necessity. Leaders who demonstrate selflessness and moral courage, when it isn’t expedient, will energize troops who will be a reflection of it.

    1. William, does the US Government even have an absolute truth anymore? If so, what is it? I have no idea.

      When I was in the military our absolute truth was the Consitution and defending America against all enemies foreign and domestic. That was why we were all there and we all knew it. We lived by it.

      I wonder what the majority of people in the military today feel their absolute truth is? What is their purpose for being in the military???

      Does anyone know?

    2. It should be the oath as you stated. But military personnel don’t spend a lot of time studying the oath. The real purpose is always in the reality of where you spend most of your time. Unfortunately, a lot of time in the military is wasted with irrelevant training and requirements.

    3. Thanks William. That’s one of those stories I didn’t post to social media. It was so crazy how many times that story was told to me over the past four months. So many weird coincidences.

  32. Here’s what President US Grant says in his memoir.

    “Now, the right of revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a natural right they enjoy to relieve themselves of the oppression, if they are strong enough, either by withdrawal from it, or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable. But any people or part of a people who resort to this remedy, stake their lives, their property, and every claim for protection given by citizenship—on the issue. Victory, or the conditions imposed by the conqueror—must be “the result.
    In the case of the war between the States it would have been the exact truth if the South had said,—“We do not want to live with you Northern people any longer; we know our institution of slavery is obnoxious to you, and, as you are growing numerically stronger than we, it may at some time in the future be endangered. So long as you permitted us to control the government, and with the aid of a few friends at the North to enact laws constituting your section a guard against the escape of our property, we were willing to live with you. You have been submissive to our rule heretofore; but it looks now as if you did not intend to continue so, and we will remain in the Union no longer.” Instead of this the seceding States cried lustily,—“Let us alone; you have no constitutional power to interfere with us.” Newspapers and people at the North reiterated the cry. Individuals might ignore the constitution; but the Nation itself must not only obey it, but must enforce the strictest construction of that instrument; the construction put upon it by the Southerners themselves. The fact “never dreamed of such a contingency occurring. If they had foreseen it, the probabilities are they would have sanctioned the right of a State or States to withdraw rather than that there should be war between brothers.
    The framers were wise in their generation and wanted to do the very best possible to secure their own liberty and independence, and that also of their descendants to the latest days. It is preposterous to suppose that the people of one generation can lay down the best and only rules of government for all who are to come after them, and under unforeseen contingencies.”

    Excerpt From
    The Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Volumes I and II)
    U. S. Grant
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    1. Grant is an interesting study. Lincoln fired 3 or 4 Generals before he got to Grant. And Grant in my opinion wasn’t a very good tactician. But what Grant had that the others didn’t was resolve. I appreciate you posting this. Very relevant to our times.

  33. Doug, there is only one source of absolute truth and that is God. It is the will of God for the human race to be divided into nations. From the Tower of Babel in the OT when mankind thought they could build a city reaching heaven. God scattered them by causing them to speak in different languages. Their inability to understand each other confounded their plan. Today it is God’s will for nations. The purpose is to keep the world from destroying itself. The temptation for power must be checked by a system that acts as a check against an all encompassing power lust. The military estab is what protects that nation from outed predators. As The Lt. col. Points out the institution must have a system that demands uniformity and the need for a code that must be adhered to by all. It is the integrity demonstrated by the General which will motivate all under their leadership. As they engage in the most horrendous of conditions they will do so knowing that their leadership values them and will only sacrifice them where the cause is identified and the purpose is victory not some political nation building endeavor. When a soldier returns from battle having risked their life, they must be able to think that what they did was noble and sin or lose their cause was right and their leadership did all it could to put them in the best chance for success. The many psychologically damaged returnees is the result of going to a hellish place, coming out not sure why they were there. Leadership with integrity is what brings out the best in the soldier. Think George Patton or Stonewall Jackson in the war between the states.

  34. One last point! From God’s viewpoint mankind is here to choose to follow Him or not. God will not force anyone to act apart from their free choice. We live x number of years and then we depart. Where that soul departs to is the issue. Consequently God has ordained the military to be a check against overt attempts to destroy the freedoms we have which allows us maximum opportunity to hear different descriptions for choosing what one believes. If a country were to be swallowed up by a one world power the individual would no longer have the freedom to choose what they believe. The mandates for vaccination describes a nation living under the control of an dictatorial form. Without going into a further description of my beliefs, the military is central component in protecting our freedoms and desired way of life.

    1. I agree with you 100% with the statement that the military is a central component to defending our American freedoms as established by our Constitution and the law of our land. The military should not pick a side and currently it has. It is distressing to see how the current administration is more worried about lining their pockets with money than serving our people. Vaccine mandates and forced dishonorable discharge for those refusing is a genocide of good people from serving our country. We The People need to elect our local candidates who will actually represent US! We can make change happen faster if we the silent majority gets out to vote at each local election each and every time. We have to be active participants in our communities in order to get our country back. It is not sufficient to just talk about it with no follow thru. We must demand voting integrity and we must hold our leaders accountable for their choices while they represent US! Sincerely, Cristie!

  35. Senor FrogJanuary 2, 2022

    I don’t think its a question of if most Americans want unity, but how they want it.

    Both major sides seem to want unity but only under their terms, especially the left.

    Both of the major competiting idealogies have major philisophical issues that make coexistence impossible.

    The only way to avoid the natural consequences of the eventual clash would be to defeat one or both sides philisophically in the mind of the American people to such a degree all meaningful support demateralizes.

  36. Joe LiggettJanuary 3, 2022

    We pick sides every day. I once asked a neighbor of mine what the difference is between a Baptist and a Southern Baptist is. His reply was “How much time do you have?”. I said a lot. So he explained it to me as he understood it then asked me which one I was. I said I’m a Catholic. The conversation got awkward for a moment. Then a funny thing happened, as we tried to convince one another why our point of view was the best we also found some things we have common…there was a lot. He is still a Southern Baptist and I am still a Catholic and both of us are still friends and we are still neighbors. The lesson learned is that disagreeing on such a fundamental aspect of how we conduct our lives doesn’t mean that we have to condemn one another.

    We talk about all these social issues that define us. Some have very deep influence on who we are as individuals. We choose sides and if our convictions are strong enough, we stand by our tenets at any cost. Someone said earlier in this forum that there is only one side…America. I Totally agree! When the founders wrote that all men are created equal that didn’t mean all men were created the same. Our differences are a fundamental part of what it means to be an American. We are all free to express those difference as we see fit as long as, and this important, we do not impose our beliefs on others. Persuasion is the avenue that we are free to use to get people to our side. Sometimes persuasion does not not work. So be it but we can still be good neighbors.

    Our federal government is not, by design, supposed to impose beliefs either. That is where we have lost our way. Our Federal Government has injected itself into the fabric of our personal lives and passed laws in the name of equality, security, health and safety etc. that do in fact infringe on our God given rights that were institutionalized by our founders in the form of the Constitution of the United States of America and Bill of Rights. We that believe these documents to be just and righteous are not all Christians, Muslim, Jewish, hederal sexual, homo sexual, any given race or anything else. We are all Americans. There was also a comment earlier that the cycle of peace and violence is prevalent throughout history. This is also true and will continue until the end of time. It is due to the unfortunate fact that some people feel an irresistible need for control. Many of whom are law makers. This fight between liberty and tyranny is ongoing and will never end. Our founders understood that. The people that have fought and put themselves in harms way to defend freedom understand that. Folks that go to work every day to provide for their families understand that. Our children need to be taught that.

    We ask ourselves what can we do to combat the bad people that want to destroy this freedom. After all, I’m just one person and they have all the power. One thing is to never think you cannot fight the powers of government. Know that all of their power comes from us, the citizens. That is what the eternal fight is for. We can all do things big and small to that can make huge changes. Most important is to be a leader. We do not need to lead large teams of people or be an executive or company manager or politician or anything like that. Some are cut out for this some are not. What we can all be are leaders in are our own lives. Be a leader to our children by teaching them the value and rewards of personal responsibility. Be a leader to yourself, question everything and do all you can to find the truth. Learn who your politicians are and go vote armed with that knowledge. That is leadership.

    Second is humility. There is no such thing as the smartest person on Earth. We all have skills. I could be wrong but I would bet Jeff Bezos doesn’t know how to rebuild the transmission in his car. But he could learn. Einstein’s closet was packed with all the same clothes. He said it was too much effort to decide what to wear every day. But man, that dude could do some math. We all have things we are not good at and that’s not a bad thing. The last person I will turn to with a problem is someone that knows everything. That may be a cheeky way to make a point but quality leadership cannot exist without humility. That means believing in something larger than yourself.

    Should we pick a side? I say yes. I choose the side of freedom over tyranny. I choose the side of knowledge over ignorance. I choose to live and let live. I may not fight for your view point, but I will always have your back fighting for your right to that view point! God bless and thanks for reading.

    1. “When the founders wrote that all men are created equal that didn’t mean all men were created the same. Our differences are a fundamental part of what it means to be an American.” … Awesome stuff.

    2. @ Joe,

      Everything you wrote is great. It is how things used to be.

      Today, the majority of democrats don’t want to get along at all. They want total control (one-party rule) and they think they are on the verge of getting it.

      They won’t be compromising with anyone. Communists don’t do that. It is ‘gain power at all costs’ with them. Trying to compromise with them is exactly how we have arrived at where we are today.

      You can’t compromise with people who have total disregard for the Constitution and don’t think that there is a higher authority than government and the people who run it.

  37. What is easy is sitting on the side lines and talking about what should be done. Our founders established a constitution that actually was designed for people to become involved in their government. A blue print was designed providing basic rules with the intention of each citizen being actively involved at their community level.

    Many people have become apathetic and take our freedoms for granted. Maybe voting at Federal election but having no idea what their local participants stand fir. Like him or not Joe Biden began in some local election.

    Not only in political but in school boards. The future of the country is being formed in the schools. What they are taught will be a major factor in what they think. Demand that teachers teach kids to be critical thinkers and not to indoctrinate them in some form. Demand that American history be taught, the good and the not so good, place emphasis on teaching about successful people, what better way to learn how to be successful yourself. Emphasis the importance of the rule of law and respect for those in law enforcement.

    Encourage everyone to realize as goes the citizen so goes the country. Freedom is precious and history shows the past nations who became prosperous and lazy.

  38. McKenzie MattinglyJanuary 4, 2022

    In my humble opinion too many people are only concerned with themselves, of being unique, of being an individual instead of being a part of something much greater such as our country. Uniqueness & individuals have a place. After all it was this melting pot of many different individuals who helped get this country on her feet. This was secondary to the pride of being an American and doing whatever small part one could do to make it better. I think those days are long gone.

  39. Michael WhitingJanuary 5, 2022

    It appears to me that early on in our history, heated but friendly debates could often be concluded when both parties to the debate agreed to reframe the debate on the basis of one of two things: 1) The Constitution; 2) The Bible. “I know we disagree on _____ but can’t be both agree that the constitution intended for _____ .” Having a shared foundational basis for our beliefs resulted in beliefs that were not as fundamentally diverse as when there is no shared foundation. With certain members of my own family, and only in the past few years, attempts to reframe the debate on the basis of constitutional arguments result only in further division. We cannot discuss meaningful topics anymore, everything has to remain superficial. We are so far apart at the onset of a deeper discussion that we would have to trace our logic back layer by layer for the other person to have any sense of why we believe what we believe. No one has the patience for that as it would take hours. We are simply too far down divergent paths. This is why I would say that although there is a vast majority of Americans that make up the center, either side of the center is still too far apart because they no longer have a shared foundational basis for their beliefs. One side has largely committed to the idea that the constitution is flawed and that the Bible is a book of fables, while the other side leans on both of these documents to guide their worldview. (Even if a conservative is not religious, I suspect they still subscribe to a largely Judeo-Christian worldview). Without a shared foundation, the differences of belief and opinion become irreconcilable.

    1. “It appears to me that early on in our history, heated but friendly debates could often be concluded when both parties to the debate agreed to reframe the debate on the basis of one of two things: 1) The Constitution; 2) The Bible. “I know we disagree on _____ but can’t be both agree that the constitution intended for _____ .” Having a shared foundational basis for our beliefs resulted in beliefs that were not as fundamentally diverse as when there is no shared foundation.”

      Your post was insightful. I have often used the analogy of Jefferson and Adams (before they actually liked each other) arguing over every minor detail. The catch though, was that if they were arguing about whether or not the Yankees or the Athletics was the best baseball team, it was implied that they agreed on baseball being the best sport.

      That train has left the station. Folks who want to be left alone are never going to be left alone by those with authoritarian ambitions. That is irrespective of party affiliation.

      The Democrats actually think they know better than I do about how to be a prudent conservationist. They’re complete idiots. They want to tell me about a watershed they’ve never lived in. They want to tell me about soil conservation and have never studied Native American farming practices in heavy clay or German hugelkultur.

      The Republicans want to tell me that I should care about what happens in some hamlet in North Korea, or village in Iran, or suburb of Kharkiv. News flash: I don’t give a shit. I’m not worried about a Persian brigade marching down the streets of Middle America. And since they don’t have the first clue about how to harden infrastructure, I don’t care about Colonial Pipeline, either.

      These are the people dictating to me how the world should turn. They’ve never rebuilt a classic car like I have. They’ve never built a farm like I have. They’ve never built cloud or battlefield technology like I have. They’ve never been a sole breadwinning father with three young children, a wife with cancer, and minimal assistance like I have.

      And people continue to argue and bicker about how we should try to reform a system that created all of these problems in the first place. Madness. Sheer madness.

  40. Mike DeWittJanuary 6, 2022

    I think most people, myself included, consider this question daily. There is a division in the country that appears to me to be greater and more intractable than anything I’ve experienced in my adult life. The two sides that I see are those who would assign their liberty for the government to decide, and those who believe their liberty is God-given and enshrined in our constitution’s Bill of Rights. as one would expect, there is ignorance and extremism on both sides, and the mainstream media has learned that it sells the most soap when opinions when these are given the most attention and time – in print and on the air. I don’t see that changing. So where does that leave the country?

    1. True that the media wants to sell soap but at the same time they have literally become true believers in the communist system. Just listen to them. They wish we were more like China.

      God-given Rights are a concept they don’t believe in. We are being subverted by communists. That is just fact. A study of history proves it. The majority of democrats have always admired Russia in the past.

      This is not new. It has been going on for decades but the difference is they are no longer hiding it.

  41. Douglas EckendorfJanuary 6, 2022

    The question that you pose is too simplistic without historical prospective.

    There is only one side and all others are a distraction / a fool’s errand. Returning to a truly constitutional form of government. Observance of that document in our daily lives and all facets.

    The wisdom of that document is that it is founded in “Natural Law or Nature’s Laws”. Briefly, Natural Law are directly tied to the those most basic desires that exist within the heart / soul of any human being. The desire to be free from the tyrannies of other individuals or groups.

    This is where education has failed to instill a better understanding for our youth (post 1990 public education system). And, the framers warned us that only a society that was educated and spiritually centered would be able to maintain it… Reference the federalist papers. Or quote which is attributed to Ben Franklyn: After the constitutional convention, when a lady approached Benjamin Franklin and asked him, “well, Doctor, what do we have, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied sagely, “a republic, if you can keep it.”

    Instead, What we allowed to happen because we were negligent in our vigilance to police our public education system. The faux intellectualism of the progressive critical theorists infiltrated the education system in the latter half of the 20th century and allowed to promulgate a fundamentalist ideology which appealed to the far darker deadly sins of human nature. Those being fear, greed, sloth, envy etc..

    The result of this is where we are today in 2022. An indoctrinated generation which has little or no knowledge let alone reverence for the history of this nation or it’s founding….. Their indoctrinators call this evolution or enlightenment… IE 1619 project and it’s revisionist historical errors…..examination and trial of this nation’s founders via a 21st century lens of social norms and their removal of their images from the public square..

    To unite as a nation requires a shared reverence for the nation and it’s history…an appreciation of the work of those who gambled everything to start the American Experiment.

    Those who wish to make a new society based on equity vice equality void of Nature’s Law and the Creator by which we are endowed with those unalienable rights will fail.. They want a utopian society which confiscates the labor / property of some in order to distribute it to themselves and what they deem as the oppressed. Ref: ” From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs ” ( German: Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen) is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Programme The biggest problem with this is FUTILITY… now no one wants to be the one with ability as nature’s law kicks in again… Human will avoid all labor from which he / she derives no benefit. And you quickly run out of the those who display ABILITY. FAILS every time…

    But let’s get back to the where we are today… Once the siren’s call of utopian socialism takes root in a generation it usually progresses to one of two outcomes… authoritarian rule or genocidal / religious/ ideological civil war (revolution)… for those countries where it is still implemented….. Well at least they don’t have an immigration problem. Eventually the utopian socialist always fail… but what do we do in the mean time???

    We can sit around whistling past the graveyard for a few more years as the social planners plan and implement or we can fight and win the battle of ideas armed with Natural Law.. or just do what I feel will have to be done with all brain washed Marxists eventually ….

    Last but not least is know your enemy….Know how they think.. Believe it when they tell you what they are going to do… Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper is a good example… I believe her when she says “take those ^*%$## out” and many others who follow critical theory…

    So the time for kumbaya reconciliation may have already passed us by… I hope not…
    Best wishes my Marine Brother

    1. Great post. But I’m not sure I agree with all your comments. To be clear, I’ve read all 85 federalist papers. I’m not convinced going back to their teachings is always the answer. We need to understand their teachings to have perspective. But for example, the national security arm wasn’t crated until post WWII with the National Security Act of 44, 47, and then the Goldwater’s Nichols Act. The founding fathers only saw a military in the form of national defense and didn’t envision America as a global foreign policy leader. Thus, none of our founding documents lay out a path for how to navigate our current status. Thus, we need to understand our founding documents, but we must be wise enough to extrapolate and overlay that understanding on current day.

  42. John RakociJanuary 9, 2022

    I’m older than most here and recall when life was much different, I enlisted in 1966 and served 2 tours in Nam

    Different like there were generals, although that war was also run from the Oval Office, still they were not know as General Mill Milly who is more worried of diversity and transgenders than a fighting force

    Children grew up outside on bikes and in the woods, few boys now know which end of a hammer to hold and fewer know how to fire a weapon ~~ when the SHTF few would survive more than a week

    Trump was brash but I believe he had the best interests of the country at heart, I’m not in the cult but only see DiSantis as a better alternative

    I’d still fight for the USA and if my state left the Union I’d fight for the right to do so if conservative and not socialist

    Lockdowns and mandates ~~ we are no longer a republic The handlers of Biden have made him the face of a dictator The Nazi Goring said the easy way to enslave a population is to keep it in fear

    January 6 was a protest, much more peaceful than the riots, looting, and arson that was prevelant and will be again

    Afghanistan surrender ~ left citizens and allies with no protection is a crime against humanity along with the citizens of that country

    Open borders is a violation of The Constitution, another crime

    Freedom of Religion was put on hold, another violation

    Freedom of Assembly ~ another violation

    Saying the country is on the verge of a civil war is done by those that do not know the definition,much less chance of fighting among ourselves than a revolution against the socialist government and the fat and happy US population is not about to do that

    Agencies without a single elected official now make laws called rules ~~ OSHA and ATF are violating the Constitution

    Pelosi purchasing a home on Jupitor Island with the other multi-millionaires should make those in states like CA, NY, IL, MA, NJ and others ask WHY

    Unity ~~I don’t see Devine intervention since God has been removed from most of the country, Armed intervention but by what country? A 3rd world country could probably come close Biden said it would take nukes and F15s just 2 weeks prior to running from those with AK 47s

    After the last election who has 100% faith in them now?

    The pendelum is never center, always too far right or left, currently left and they are hell bent on ruining the country,

    Do not live in fear, like a Boy Scout “Be Prepared” which includes a little cash, gold, and a lot of ammo on hand

  43. Joshua CabiyaJanuary 9, 2022

    If we can’t unify over the rights we have as defined by the constitution I swore to defend, then there will be no unification. I will not be force drugged. We need to stop murdering babies in the womb. Our Texas border is being overrun by drug cartels. Our monetary system is being looted. Why did we fight for Iraqi freedom but here at home we must sit on our hands?

  44. United we stand, Divide we will fall, The people of this country and the world, are so divide by Media driven social division it is just mind blowing. All of these things are Socially engineered issues. to keep the people fighting amongst ourselves. They know that we will fight each other, and not focus on the issue at hand. I have faith that the people of the US are starting to wake up to this, we can see this by certain court cases. Rittenhouse case is a perfect example of the country not buying into the socially engineered issues going on. They did not get the riots they wanted, so the hidden enemy had to pull another stunt. I think people need to start asking more important questions, Like why was there FBI footage of the whole Rittenhouse thing, with Media coverage even on the ground. Why was the people who got killed, some of them were felonies, and other pedo’s released from jail. There was FBI footage from this, why did the governor not activate the national guard to protect his people. Why was the driver of the SUV who ran over people released from jail, he was also convicted of human trafficking. Who paid for these peoples bail. Why were they released?, why is there a Supply Chain issues? EO 13818. Why does no one look at EO 13961, and the wording under section 2, why is this so important. Why do they not talking about BASEL III, and the LIBOR to SOFR Transition. Why did they pass legislation HR 8372 Digital Assets commodities act of 2020. Truth is the only thing that will bring the US people together, and we are not getting any truth from many department sin our government. THE FBI, DOJ are funded by Tax payers, but they used their assets against there own people. This is evident from the Governor Whitmore FBI sting, and who is to say that this was not also part of the Jan 6th riot at the capitol, They used our own tax payers money to fund these operations. Scheller, I ask you now, did you receive documents from Russell, did he step up and help you. I respect and admire you standing up for the troops. I have my own theory on why Afghanistan was such a huge messed up withdrawal. Why would the military leave Bagram, I believe this was setup to expose something bigger going on. Like certain Agencies in our government using tax payer money to fund the war to only to take over the Opium Fields in Afghanistan, Then they would hire Contractors, who would then sell the drugs to Big Pharma, and the cartels, to then sell them to the people of the US to start a opium Pandemic. I have seen those Fields with my eyes, I have seen the contractors in Iraq on the Caspian Pipeline. Was this withdrawal a way to expose this operation, No one is asking Which Contracting Companies or 3 Letter Agencies were left behind in Afghanistan, why were they still there? These are the question I want answer to, were the so called people left over there bad actors, who were behind this entire operation?

    1. I’m not sure. I’ve had thousands of people reach out, so I can’t say with any certainty what was sent or not sent. I can say I’ve heard the theories that leaving Bagram had a deeper darker plot. I personally don’t believe that, but I keep an open mind.

  45. Scheller, you need to lookup the The Sunshine Act, which has over 30 closed doored meeting in the last 3 years. “The basic premise of the sunshine legislation is that, in the words of federalist No. 49, ‘the people are the only legitimate foundation of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter … is derived.’ Government is and should be the servant of the people, and it should be fully accountable to them for the actions which it supposedly takes on their behalf.” (U.S.C.C.A.N. 2183, 2186). Please contact me, I have way more information on what is going on.

  46. I hope that we could hold speech accountable then we would see we wouldn’t have to pick a side. Fiscally, I don’t see how we could separate – – but it sure would be nice to put an end a good chunk of the bickering and vendettas that hindering our progress.

    If you could curb ‘journalists’ and politicians from opinion ‘speaking’ and increase the act of merely ‘reporting’, you’d find many citizens around the world could probably come together and compromise. I feel most are force-fed divisive ideas to justify the actions and rarely see anyone doing real unbiased research to find the truth.

    We are being trained to seek the ‘negative’ – just look at big tech analytics. Most people click on the bad news, so much so, it consumes 90% of reads (so its best for marketing), the more sensationalized the better for them – even the music behind the news has been adjusted to grab that emotion. Sad.

    1. In many ways humans have evolved to recognize emotion over logic. I found a trick. To get people to digest logic… disguise it in emotion.

  47. One side thinks it’s okay to let children decide if they want to have their genitals surgically mutilated and that if you disagree, you should have your children removed from your care at the point of a gun.

    It should go without saying that we need to pick a side.

  48. I think many need to read both Democrat and Republican leaning newspapers as to what americans feel is comng.

    Last month, three major news outlets took aim at another American Civil War. Three retired U.S. generals claimed in a Washington Post column that the U.S. is headed for another armed insurrection if nothing is done. Americans today have no faith in our voting system. They further warn that a pair of “competing commanders in chief,” both of whom claim to have been legitimately elected in 2024, might fracture the military along partisan lines. [source:
    Newsweek warned that “millions of angry, armed Americans stand ready to seize power if Trump loses in 2024.” The article explains that neither side will be satisfied in a close race, with Democrats claiming voter intimidation for the loss or Republicans blaming voter fraud. With an “asymmetric… capability to inflict violence,” the political Right, explains the article, stands ready to fight a war over the 2024 election. [source:
    The UK’s DailyMail quoted a political science professor and CIA advisor who warns that the U.S. is “closer to civil war than any of us would like to believe.” The U.S. is in “dangerous territory” like you’d find in pre-conflict Ukraine or the Ivory Coast. [source:
    More recently, Canadian media outlet The Globe and Mail published a special opinion piece warning that the United States may suffer a political collapse in 2025 and become a right-wing dictatorship by 2030. Looking at the United States, the author sees “a political and social landscape flashing with warning signals.” [source:
    A British media outlet The Guardian published an article proclaiming that the next US civil war has already started. “The legal system grows less legitimate by the day. Trust in government at all levels is in freefall, or, like Congress, with approval ratings hovering about 20%, cannot fall any lower. Right now, elected sheriffs openly promote resistance to federal authority. Right now, militias train and arm themselves in preparation for the fall of the Republic. Right now, doctrines of a radical, unachievable, messianic freedom spread across the internet, on talk radio, on cable television, in the malls.” [source:
    These articles offer a one-sided point of view – that the American right wing would be the instigator of armed conflict. However, it was the Far Left groups that were at the forefront of attempts to launch a popular revolution in 2020 – some even threatening to sabotage and shut down the economy if Trump had won reelection and remained in office. Some revolutionary Far Left groups are arming and training for war. While news outlets ignore these facts, the headlines are generally correct: we are headed for another conflict.
    End of Forward Observer analysis.
    As we approach the one year anniversary of the Capitol protest on 06 January, we’re probably looking at what’s called “shaping operations.” Shaping is a military term that describes setting conditions on the battlefield for a decisive victory. In Iraq and Afghanistan, this often included psychological operations targeting the populace in an effort to gain their support, or at least deter their opposition, and turn them away from supporting the enemy. There’s a solid case that the coming barrage of articles about the one year anniversary of 06 January, and the continued opinion pieces about the risk of an armed right wing uprising, are likely intended to shape public opinion and justify an aggressive campaign against dissidents heading into 2024 elections. See Note 1 below
    More broadly, these shaping operations will support efforts to reinvent America and redefine American identity, erasing Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs, just as Chairman Mao Zedong ordered the erasure of the “Four Olds” during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. While the media focuses on how the Right is arming and preparing for opposition, they ignore the Cultural Revolution happening now that replaces Old America with New America and ushers in New Ideas, New Culture, New Habits, and New Customs. This is the crux of our coming domestic conflict.

  49. I find your type of courage so lacking in America today. Being willing, after recognizing what your stand will cost, to still go forward and accept total responsibility for any fall out. Recognizing that truth and trust are necessary for anything to be beneficial and long lasting. Regardless of political views, we can all come together and demand that our leaders be held to a standard of truth and honesty. Unfortunately we as a country have lost sight of what continued freedom demands from its people. We must demand and be role models for what we demand in our own experiences. I personally commend you for your principled stand and can’t wait to read your book

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