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Prior to returning an item, please notify us first and we will be happy to assist you. Contact: cristie@authenticamericans.com

Please do not forget to check the review of product reminder. We promise we won’t spam you. We want to know what you think about our products and service. We want you to submit your review. 

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Not all of our products are made in America. We do our best to select the great majority of American Made items, however, some items come from other countries. The item description within each product will let you know if it is made in America or somewhere else so that you are informed.

On the designs that say  “American Made” we are referring to the person and not where the items was made.

If you have questions or suggestions please email me directly: cristie@AuthenticAmercians.com

We have partnered with Proper Patriot for “Made In the USA” apparel and coffee, when you click on the links you will be redirected to that partner store. 

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