Can we change the key systems in our military and government? Or should we accept their current structure?

What do you think? Discuss in the comments below!

Stuart Scheller


  1. Constitutional Repentance is the root solution to what’s gone awry in our government and military. This is discussed in this Constitution Day message (excerpt below):

    “There is good news in this scenario, and there is bad news. The good news is that the Constitution has teeth. The People have power in our Republic, but in the absence of understanding, the knowledge of this power has been hidden. The good news is that there are still more of us who love Liberty than those who want to subjugate the people. And the really good news is that there is a palpable fear, among those who are exercising unrighteous dominion by the force of government, truly fear that you… and I… will get it. That we will unite and refuse to accept that a free people can or must be divided AND, that we might reject our national sins and comprehend this counsel from Benjamin Franklin…”

  2. I think if we just upheld the laws that are in place the system would be great. The issue we have is that MOST people are held to one standard, but the elite are held to another. Illegal immigration is LAWFULLY just that illegal, yet those laws are not upheld, instead it is encouraged to break our immigration laws. Generals (including those that are retired) are not supposed to speak against the President, yet we have one that called his Chinese counterpart and explained that he would warn of any attack.

    Very simply put, if we just upheld what is written our system would be amazing. But until we stop operating on emotion and feelings NO FORM OF GOVERNMENT will work.

    1. Lorraine D PatriaJanuary 14, 2022

      We need some term limits.
      Without limits, we are creating long term self indulgence within the offices that make decisions for the American people.
      Based on what is best for the people that hold those offices. Not, what is best for the citizens of the country.

    2. Senator Cruz actually proposed it, but it went no where. Term limits is an uphill battle, but if we keep talking about it I think it will gain momentum.

    3. People respond to emotion over rational thought. Reference President Obama’s appeal. Fighting this truth won’t get you anywhere. I think the secret is to use rational thought, and present it with an emotional connection.

    4. I agree Sir that ppl react to emotion over rational thought. There is no argument here. However, what I will say to that is a huge portion of MSM, and academia use emotion to push false narratives… i.e. Russia Collusion that brought us years of investigations, bringing the federal government to a crawl.

      I tend to believe that the majority did not believe this narrative, but a very large number (the loudest ppl) did.

      How do you clean this up? Do you use methods Lincoln used prior to the Civil War?

      All I’m saying here is when you legislate, teach, or give information through emotion it tends to be a slippery slope.

      You point out Obama which is an amazing example. He definitely used emotion to push some things over the finish line, like Obamacare, which in my opinion is one of the biggest disasters in American history

  3. Keeping the Status-que is never a good thing, Here is my take on this. As of right now there is no truth to any legislation of laws, they have used language as a tool to trick the people of the world, into a legal system that has no truth in it. Leaves open to interpretation, and is used my lawyers and judges to work against the people. First there needs to be complete transparency to the people of the US. DC for to long has been using the Tax payers money to fund, and deceive the US people. Why is it that the Tax payer money is used to fund some very corruption, and money laundering schemes cooked up by people in our government. I think the government funding needs to be monitored and 100 percent transparent on how this money is being used. I believe that for to long, career politicians have used their position for financial gains. I believe that lobbing needs to be stopped, any politician who takes money from lobbyist have a biased out look on legalization, and any politician need to have their financial completely open to the public. How can you take money from a corporation, and then push legislation that will help that corporation. Conflict of interest have for to long been allowed to happen with no recourse.
    1. No more tax payer bail outs. EO 13772 stated this but was revoked by the Biden administration.
    2. Elections need to be on blockchain system, were a Identification card is required to be used.
    3. The corruption and money laundering through governmental contractors needs to be stopped.
    4. Return to Constitutional law.
    5. MSM needs to report the truth, and stop trying to push their political partners narratives.
    6. Truth and Honest need to be our foundation.

    1. James or Stuart, could you explain what “elections should be on the blockchain” means or looks like? Thanks.

  4. John E. DixonJanuary 13, 2022

    The pulse of the Country should reflect the pulse of the military and visa-versa. All the US armed services are manned by honorable Americans. What is very problematic in every service is where do the loyalties of the leadership of each branch lie?

    Based upon what is currently going on in our military, it is clear that the “appointed” leaders are rubber stamps for the TOXIC, WOKE, marxists running the administration. The top brass of the military branches should be less concerned with wokeness and more concerned with defending our country. Above all, they should be backing their people.

    The true “domestic terror” concern for our country is the nexus of leftists running loose in our administration. Anyone who does not believe the America IS the shining light on the hill in this world should not be running our military.

    There are people in this world who hate America and they should be called out…even if they are high ranking officers.

    Purge the wokeness, political correctness, and the “America is bad attitude from the military. These toxic, marxist (CRT based) ideals have NO place in our military.

    As an ex-service member myself, I STAND WITH Lt. Colonel STUART SCHELLER!

    1. John this is a good post. I’ve really been thinking about the “Wokeness” moniker. I think when people say this they are explaining that the current Generals reflect the ideals of politicians that may not be in congruence with the best interest of the military. But this is something that happens quickly. It happens over time through the promotion of military officers that reflect the ideals of current political initiatives. People can vote politicians out of office, but they can’t vote Generals out of office. I think the only way to make changes in the military is to start holding those Generals accountable.

    2. John or Stuart, who has the authority to hold military leaders accountable and why aren’t they doing it?

    3. The Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch. The Secretary of Defense. The other military Generals.

      When all that fails… remember the Declaration of Independence… the power of the government (which includes the military) comes from the people. When the government no longer serves the interests of the people, it is the people’s obligation to throw off that old form of government.

    4. David A DesiderioJanuary 20, 2022

      Honorable Officers, especially General Officers hold themselves accountable.

      Fresh out of those it seems.

    5. Brian StermerJanuary 21, 2022

      I am of the vision that the government was set up as decentralized power. This should also be true for the military. I can’t remember who but a German general during WW2 compliments American leadership by saying the leaders on the ground were given the liberty and trust to make the best decisions to win the fight.
      I parallel this compliment that when you delegate the powers to make decisions down to the lowest level it is a reflection of how the government is supposed to operate as well as a successful military.

  5. Todd WhitehurstJanuary 14, 2022

    Watching your Jocko podcast right now. I saw your shirt with the 13 (colonies?) On it. I want to be a part of a connected movement of truth in America. My foundation is Jesus and His truth. I will fight for Liberty for all.

  6. Eric SchmidtJanuary 15, 2022


    To take it a step further, should we maintain our United States or are the divisions too great, are the differences and beliefs so unreconcilable, that dissolving the union is the only way to avoid calamity? The confederate army never planted their flag inside our capital during the civil war. If they had what would it have meant? And a year ago, those who still think that confederate flag means something DID bring that symbol into our capital. So what does that mean? What do they want? Because it seems to me that what they want is not what many others want. And if the different camps cannot agree on what they believe to be true, to be right, to be moral, if they can’t agree on how to live their lives and conduct themselves then they should establish separate autonomies. We could discuss this issue until the cows come home…
    But back to your original question- I agree with Michael above that if we upheld the laws in place it would provide a good foundation. But “our” elected reps just draft new laws continually, and the laws that do the most damage are the laws that are written TO PROTECT THE LAWMAKERS from consequence and provide them with even more loopholes to cheat the system you speak of. These laws further the divide between those with money and those without. Our society will disintegrate if we don’t change this system.

    1. Eric… go to my FB or LI and look back at an older post titled #86. I address exactly what you describe in your first paragraph in terms of the dangers of seeking change without first coming to a consensus on what change looks like. Great point.

      Will our society disintegrate if we don’t change the system? Or will our freedoms just disintegrate?

  7. Steve BeyerJanuary 15, 2022

    I believe we cannot allow the system we have at hand to carry on any longer. But the leaders who have consolidated power will continue to use their influence to dissuade dissent and change through malicious means. They have no desire to give up control and face the consequences of their actions because they care more about self preservation and personal gain then integrity. I find that the mainstream media (not any specific side) has an interest in making sure that Americans stay divided so the Status Quo may persist. We have to put our best foot forward and reach out to others of differing political backgrounds and find common ground to create a united voice because the alternative is a hollowed out nation that died from within because of the greed and hubris of a powerful unaccountable few.

    I watched the podcast you did with jocko and it was outstanding. I enjoyed the first half getting to hear your story and what lead up to your final moments in the Marine Corps. But the second half put a tightness in my chest because it just invoked so many memories of CLB 8 and its toxic leadership for me. I can say from my experience your actions have touched so many Marines who just got broke off because of unaccountable leadership that gets to act with impunity while everyone else who is not in the club gets to rot. My experiences with that make me want to fight this system with every fiber of my being but as a Populist I just don’t know where to start. Thank you for your message and not pulling back even when it felt like the whole world told you to do so.

    1. Thanks for this post Steve. I have felt the tightness in my chest too. In the end… there is more of us than there are of them. All we have to do is open our eyes.

  8. Sure, it CAN and should change. But, realistically it is not going to change. Things will continue the way they are and we’ll likely keep promoting glorified secretaries for generals rather than those with combat experience and rapport with the trenches. We might just have to find out the hard way.

  9. David WhiteJanuary 17, 2022

    Loraine has it right. The only true way to get back to fundamental values and get the money out of the system is term limits. Sadly, it may be too late since the roots in the swamp run so deeply.

  10. Scott GeigerJanuary 18, 2022

    I believe that learning, adapting is the only way. Settling is just as dangerous as complacency.
    One of my instructors once told me, “As it is in life, it is in martial arts.”
    Right now everyone is focused on the political frontal assault. It’s time to flank these political hustlers.
    Changing the political environment is going to be hard. Voting your power away is not a going to happen in Congress.
    The Constitution gave us our flanking maneuver so to speak, called the Convention of States. I believe this is our best political path to enact the government reforms we need to get real leaders in office and take away political effluence of the big money media platforms and lobbyists.
    The key is to show moderates on both sides how it can work for everyone or at least 80% of Americans.
    I could live with that.

  11. Anything can be changed but it would take generational changes to fix the underlying issues surrounding the Military. The Military is an extension of Politics, the primary factors surrounding the failure dating back to Vietnam is primarily placed on the Operational & Strategic Plans. Both Afghanistan & Iraq placed operational strategies such as nation building on Military Senior leaders are not equipped or have the experience to facilitate such a mission. The strategy of exporting democracy or Nation Building often seemed more like a ponzi scheme filled with mass corruption. Senior Leaders are often torn between calling out the truth and being relived for failure to execute the mission or maintaining the status quo. I’ve seen way too many senior officers water down the actual corruption and incompetence within the Iraqi/Afghan Armies to ensure they gave the appearance of the mission being successful and on track. For instance how did Biden not know the number of Ghost Soldiers with the Afghan Army? This was basic knowledge on the ground, was the story filtered at each level, or was he just being dishonest (Maybe a little a both)?

    The Operational and Strategic objective also seemed to change every deployment cycle. A leaders success was merely measured by their success during their cycle.

    Unless we can get back to the basics of only fighting wars in a more of a Clausowitz style and enable leaders to speak the truth it will not change. This ultimately is a multi-generational change.

    “A winning strategy requires a disciplined mind and a steadfast character. No distractions; no sideshows. We must always keep the main thing the main thing”.

  12. Jerry GibbsJanuary 19, 2022

    “Censorship of dissident voices is gaining legal ground – and none of us are safe. Once the State, with the help of the institutions and media, starts labeling certain dissident voices and opinions that are critical of the State as ‘a threat to the State’, that that will give them the legal foundation or prerogative to take legal action to silence these dissidents – or worse.” from RESIST MUCH , OBEY LITTLE by Eva Vlaardingerbroek on

    1. Jerry GibbsJanuary 21, 2022

      Might be our last hope. Secure the Border in Ukraine but our own borders ? Makes no sense to me.

  13. Over my career I have had the opportunity to work alongside a few BrigGens as well as Colonels on their way to becoming Generals. A few of those are now 2 and 3 stars. More times than not, they were basically politicians with their head in the clouds, filling squares towards their next promotion. However I worked with three that actually gave a shit about people and the mission over politics. Two of those are 3 stars and one of those is a 2 star, so there are a few in the ranks. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve been in a similar position before in history between WWI and the beginning of WWII. The interwar period was a time when many officers were careerist only thinking about how to get promoted and those who were not kool aid drinkers were held back. Then when the shit hit the fan those careerists list battles and were replaced in some cases by the ones who bucked the system and gave a shit about the mission. I’m sure those of you who are much better students of history can either confirm or deny this and even give specific examples. So it is possible although not ideal that we could find ourselves in a similar situation if a war with a near peer breaks out…these kool aid drinkers currently in power will fail miserably and hopefully we will have a commander in chief with the guys to do what FDR did promote those few that give a shit about mission success and accountability. Lastly if that happens in the near future I’m sure they’ll be calling for the Stu Schellers if the world to save their ass!

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